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Flows stomach symptom

Flows stomach symptom. A contrast agent, getting from belly part of a gullet into a stomach, in the form of a stream flows down on small curvature, filling a sine and pyloric part.

Обтекания симптом желудка
Fig. 1. Symptom of a flow and spraying:
1 — a contrast agent, flowing round defect of filling, leaves marks on a tumor surface;
2 — a contrast agent, "hitting" against a tumor, it is sprayed.

The symptom of a flow is characterized by the fact that a contrast agent, coming to a stomach, in cardial department or a little below it encounters an obstacle, flows round it, leaving marks on a surface of the education which caused this symptom (fig. 1).
The symptom of a flow is combined with a spraying symptom, an additional shadow against a gas bubble of a stomach.
Morphological substrate — an infiltration elements of an inflammation of cardial part, a thickening of folds of a mucous membrane, increase in the left hepatic lobe, an exophytic form of a tumor of cardial part of subcardial department of a stomach. It is observed at gastritis, Menetriye's illness, a tumor of cardial department of a stomach or a liver.
Decides at roentgenoscopy, a X-ray analysis on use of a contrast agent. The reason of a symptom can be distinguished at a pnevmogastrografiya, a pariyetografiya, X-ray cinematography, the selection arteriography.

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