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Neuritis of a femoral nerve - Neuritis

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Neuritis of a femoral nerve

This disease is characterized by paresis or paralysis the four-head of a muscle of a hip and sartorial muscle. The active movements of a leg are sharply limited, it is impossible to bend it in a knee and to straighten, the person hardly costs, walks upstairs, cannot sit down from a prone position. Neuritis of a femoral nerve is followed sometimes by an anesthesia, acute pains.

At the beginning of a disease carry out passive (with someone's help) gymnastics in water, and in process of recovery — the active movements. From special physical exercises extension of a shin, assignment towards a hip, transition from a prone position to a sitting position, exercises for the affected muscles with overcoming of resistance are most effective: with rubber balls, springs, on exercise machines, etc.

At neuritis of a femoral nerve 8 times a day go in for physical culture, including remedial gymnastics in water. All exercises carry out 6 — 10 times, during occupations do rest between exercises 30 — 60 with as the exhaustion and an overstrain of muscles are contraindicated. Much attention is paid to walking, in the beginning leaning on crutches or a stick, and then without support. After development of its difficult options include walking on the turned gymnastic bench or a log, coordination exercises and balance with the movement of hands (at advanced and senile age these exercises are not recommended).