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Neuritis of a sciatic nerve - Neuritis

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Neuritis of an elbow nerve
Plexitis or neuritis of a humeral nerve
Neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves
Neuritis of a facial nerve
Neuritis of a median nerve
Neuritis of a beam nerve
Neuritis of a sciatic nerve
Neuritis of a femoral nerve

At this disease sensitivity decreases, paresis or paralyzes of muscles develop, foot droops, the hip turns knaruzh, the movements in coxofemoral, knee are broken, and at stronger defeat and in talocrural joints. The leg is stacked in a splint from fingers to an upper third of a hip at right angle to an ankle joint. The passive and active movements begin to carry out from the very first days diseases.

Exercises at neuritis of a sciatic nerve are done from various starting positions: lying on spin, a healthy side; being on all fours; sitting on a high stool. The same complexes, as at an injury of the lower extremity. 6 — 8 times a day are engaged, once a day do massage. For the period of occupations the leg is taken out from a splint. The special attention is paid to walking with two support (crutches, sticks), correctly distributing load of a leg. As soon as function of a knee joint (the leg will not be turned in in a knee) is recovered, the splint is removed, and to stop if it still droops, fixed an orthopedic boot. For training use walking, run, jumps.

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