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Neuritis of a beam nerve - Neuritis

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Neuritis of an elbow nerve
Plexitis or neuritis of a humeral nerve
Neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves
Neuritis of a facial nerve
Neuritis of a median nerve
Neuritis of a beam nerve
Neuritis of a sciatic nerve
Neuritis of a femoral nerve

At neuritis of a beam nerve the brush droops, it is impossible to turn it up, to straighten fingers. To avoid an excessive muscle tension, the extremity is stacked on the splint supporting a brush and a forearm. For the period of occupations by remedial gymnastics and massage the splint is removed. Classes are given by 8 times a day, from them 2 times gymnastics in water.

At any defeat of peripheral nerves of hands much attention is paid to exercises with objects, plasticine, rubber and spring devices for development of joints of fingers, gymnastics in water.

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