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Neuritis of a median nerve - Neuritis

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Neuritis of an elbow nerve
Plexitis or neuritis of a humeral nerve
Neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves
Neuritis of a facial nerve
Neuritis of a median nerve
Neuritis of a beam nerve
Neuritis of a sciatic nerve
Neuritis of a femoral nerve

Neuritis of a median nerve is followed by sharp pains, turns of a palm down and the movements in average and nail phalanxes of a ring finger and a little finger are impossible, big and index fingers are not bent and it is difficult to hold small objects. Also sensitivity decreases; there are vasculomotor frustration; perspiration of palms amplifies; sgibatel of a brush are surprised; there comes the atrophy of muscles of a palm. At neuritis of a median nerve impose the splint supporting the halfbent provision of a brush; appoint active and passive gymnastics, study a healthy hand each phalanx of fingers in all directions, without causing pain, carry out special exercises.

Study joints of fingers and a brush, carry out gymnastics in water as well as at neuritis of an elbow nerve, and the same active exercises, as at a brush injury. Massage is appointed not only as separate procedure (mass a shoulder, a forearm, a brush and fingers), but also during occupations by remedial gymnastics. After physiotherapeutic procedures, especially electrostimulations, exercises it is possible to carry out in 2 h.

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