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Neuritis of a facial nerve - Neuritis

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Neuritis of a facial nerve is characterized by asymmetry of face muscles (because of paresis or paralysis of mimic muscles). Muscles on the struck party become flabby, sluggish, the blinking is broken a century, an eye is closed not completely, the nasolabial fold is maleficiated, the corner of a mouth is lowered and drawn in the healthy party, the movements of lips are absent, the speech becomes muffled, the person cannot frown, knit eyebrows, taste loss, dacryagogue and involuntary biting of a cheek from the paralyzed party is noted. At neuritis of a facial nerve complications can develop: contractures in the paralyzed muscles (the nasolabial fold from the struck party goes deep and the palpebral fissure is narrowed), synkineses — involuntary procrastination of a corner of a mouth in attempt to close an eye on the same party or, on the contrary, involuntary closing of an eye when lifting a corner of a mouth. Depending on defeat depth neuritis of a facial nerve lasts from two weeks to several months and not always comes to an end with a complete recovery of a normality.

повязка при неврите лицевого нерва

At neuritis of a facial nerve put an adhesive bandage (fig.) on a face, go in for physiotherapy exercises, learn to weaken randomly both differentially and whenever possible separately to strain separate muscles, apply massage and self-massage.

Remedial gymnastics at neuritis of a facial nerve is directed to the fastest elimination of mimic motive frustration. Reduction of muscles of the healthy side of a face leads to constant stretching and further weakening of the paralyzed muscles therefore fixing by an adhesive plaster of muscles of the healthy party with their pulling towards the affected muscles is necessary. It facilitates a food chewing, interferes with a liquid effluence from a mouth and improves the speech. The adhesive mask is imposed in the first month on 1,5 h in the subsequent on 3,5 — 5 p 3 — 4 times a day. In intervals between imposing of this mask do remedial gymnastics (in front of the mirror), do massage.
At neuritis of a facial nerve the following exercises are recommended.

Special exercises at neuritis of a facial nerve

1. To lift and lower eyebrows.
2. To cramp eyebrows to a nose bridge (to frown), then again to part.
3. To inflate cheeks: once freely — pressuring the second them hands (overcoming resistance).
4. To close and open eyes.
5. To put lips as for whistle, and slowly to exhale.
6. To open a mouth, to put out tongue and to rotate it in times the directions.
7. Without disconnecting teeth, to open lips.
8. To push a mandible forward and to displace its side of the affected cheek.

When performing movements help yourself a finger for example, tighten an eyelid, a mouth corner on the struck party). Add special exercises with a complex of the all-developing and breathing exercises (all of them are also carried out in front of the mirror).

To get rid of asymmetry of the person, it is recommended to sleep on that side where the struck party; to chew food on both rows of teeth; for 10 — 15 min. a little 13 in day to sit, having inclined the head towards defeat, supporting it by a hand and leaning on an elbow; to tighten muscles from the healthy party on paralyzed — from below up by means of a scarf; to say sounds "about", "and", "and", "п", "ф", "р", "in", "щ", to sing.

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