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Neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves - Neuritis

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Neuritis of an elbow nerve
Plexitis or neuritis of a humeral nerve
Neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves
Neuritis of a facial nerve
Neuritis of a median nerve
Neuritis of a beam nerve
Neuritis of a sciatic nerve
Neuritis of a femoral nerve

At neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves of stop droops, falls by the outer edge, the dorsiflexion of foot and fingers, assignment of foot is limited aside. To take a step, it is necessary to raise sharply a leg therefore such gait call "cock". At neuritis of a tibial nerve of stop and fingers are not bent down, it is impossible to rise on a sock, to part fingers. At paralysis of interdigital muscles fingers are crooked as claws.

Risk factors of neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves: fractures and injuries, infectious diseases, diabetes, avitaminosis.

At damages of fibular and tibial nerves impose a plaster splint (for the period of occupations by remedial gymnastics, massage it is removed). Go in for physiotherapy exercises of 6 — 8 times a day, carrying out the active and passive movements on the same technique, as at an injury of bones of a shin and foot.

Prevention of neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves.

To be careful in injury-causing situations. To keep to a diet and timely drug intake. Preventive actions against infectious diseases - a hardening, vaccination. To include in a diet products, vitamin-rich and microelements.

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