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Neuritis of an elbow nerve
Plexitis or neuritis of a humeral nerve
Neuritis of tibial and fibular nerves
Neuritis of a facial nerve
Neuritis of a median nerve
Neuritis of a beam nerve
Neuritis of a sciatic nerve
Neuritis of a femoral nerve

Neuritis — an inflammatory disease of peripheral nerves, arises because of an infection (diphtheria, typhus, malaria, etc.), owing to injuries (the most frequent reason), at an excessive muscle tension, innervated by this nerve, at intoxication (an alcoholic poisoning, lead, arsenic, etc.). At neuritis sensitivity disturbances (painful, temperature, tactile), motive frustration — paresis or paralysis are observed. Flaccid paralyzes sluggish. They are followed by a muscular atrophy, decrease or disappearance of tendon jerks, decrease in a tone of muscles, pains at extension of muscles.

Treat neuritis: neuritis of a facial nerve; neuritis of beam, median and elbow nerves; neuritis of sciatic, femoral, fibular and tibial nerves.

Radiculitis (inflammation of roots of spinal nerves), plexitis (inflammation of neuroplexes), polyneuritis (inflammation of several nervous trunks), etc. also belong to diseases of a peripheral nervous system.

Traumatic damages of peripheral nerves (nerve concussion, bruise, full or partial break of a nervous trunk) are shown differently. At concussion function of an extremity is broken, but the movements are recovered rather quickly — in 2 — 4 weeks. At a bruise the nerve trunk is squeezed that brings to more expressed and long disturbances of functions, or, to decrease in sensitivity, reduction of a muscle tone or atrophy of muscles. The full or partial break of a nervous trunk is a severe defeat is followed by loss of functions, quickly coming atrophy of the innervated muscles and lowering of a muscle tone of all extremity, sharp decrease in sensitivity. At a complete separation of a peripheral nerve it is sewed.

Traumatic neuritis can arise after a fracture of bones (mechanical damage by a bone otlom), gunshot wounds, a wound repair the rough hem squeezing a nervous trunk.
At any neuritis are broken krovo-and a lymph the address, a metabolism in the fabrics penetrated by the injured nerve, removal of products of an exchange appear hypostases. All this reduces the general tone of an organism, reduces its resilience, causes weakness, a difference, deterioration in health.
The main manifestation of infectious and toxic and traumatic defeats of peripheral nerves — disturbance of motive function (paresis and paralyzes) for which establishment training of the neuromuscular device by means of physical exercises is necessary daily repeated (6 — 8 times).

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