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Epileptiform neuralgia

Symptoms of a disease.
Can serve as the catalyst of an attack of an epileptiform neuralgia: the chewing movements, nervous exaltation, conversation and simply, a touch to face skin.
Before an attack of an epileptiform neuralgia can be observed: an itch and burning of sites of face skin, "electric current", sometimes with big intensity.
During an attack:
• The accruing sharp pain in a half of the face.
• Spasm of one half of the face.
• An open mouth, and it cannot be closed.
• Involuntary chewing movements or smackings.
• Dacryagogue, the strengthened secretion of nasal slime.
• Metal smack in a mouth.

Risk factors of an epileptiform neuralgia. The postponed infectious diseases. Narrowing of bone channels, owing to a fabric sklerozirovaniye through which trifacial branches enter a head cavity. Disturbance of a bite with constant traumatization in a maxillary joint. Inflammation of tooth pulp, pulpitis.

Medical actions. Treatment of a disease and reception of antineuralgic drugs, under control of the attending physician.

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