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Acute management at enteroviral infections

Enteroviral infections are diseases of the caused viruses from Koksaki's group and ECHO affecting a nervous system, muscles, a myocardium and integuments. Viruses are transmitted from the person to the person airborne and alimentary in the ways.
Symptoms. Allocate several syndromes caused by various activators.
The herpangina is caused by Koksaki's viruses And types 2 — 7 and 10. The disease begins sharply, with fever, emergence of vesicles on front handles and a uvula, a soft palate, almonds. On site bubbles erosion which to 7 — heal to the 10th day are formed. At the same time patients can have a dysfunction of intestines, a joint pain and muscles and other all-toxic symptoms.
The epidemic mialgiya (Bornkholn's illness) is caused by Koksaki's viruses And types 1 — 5 and V. U of patients against sharply arisen fever appear severe muscular pains in lower parts of a stomach or umbilical area, and also in muscles of a back, extremities. These phenomena can be combined with serous meningitis and generalized lymphadenitis. This pathology should be differentiated from acute surgical diseases of abdominal organs (an acute appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis).
The infectious dieback (the Boston fever) is caused by the ECHO viruses of types 4, 9, 12, 16. Proceeds as a korepodobny or krasnoukhopodobny illness. Feature of an enteroviral dieback is defeat of brushes, a table, oral cavities. Enteroviruses of ECHO 21, Koksaki And yes In cause acute Qatar of upper respiratory tracts. Children and adults have symptoms of enteroviral diarrhea: nausea, vomiting, a meteorism, abdominal pains, an enteritny chair of 2 — 7 times a day.
Koksaki's viruses And type 7 and ECHO 71 cause a paralytic form of an illness (poliomiyelitopodobny) — the sluggish paresis disappearing to 2 — is characteristic the 8th week. In hard cases the illness proceeds as a bulbospinalny or encephalitic form of poliomyelitis. Serous meningitis is caused by all types of enteroviruses. Myocardites and perikardita are caused by Koksaki's viruses of types 2 — 5 (a current favorable).
Acute management. Symptomatic therapy.
To hospitalization hard cases from the unsuccessful centers in the sanitary relation — in an infectious hospital.

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