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Not tumoral surgical diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum

Table of contents
Not tumoral surgical diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum
Hymenoid impassability of a stomach and duodenum
Ring-shaped pancreas
True huge duodenum
Unfinished turn of intestines
Choledochal cyst
Doubling and cyst of a stomach and duodenum
The turned and mobile duodenum
Stomach torsion
Acute gastrectasia
Primary hypertrophic pyloric stenosis at adults
Arteriomesenteric impassability of a duodenum
Invaginations and losses of a mucous membrane in a stomach and a duodenum
Cholelithic impassability of a stomach and duodenum
Intramural hematoma of a duodenum
Hernia of a duodenal empty pocket
Aneurisms of a ventral aorta and its branches
The acute ulcers and cracks of a stomach and duodenum complicated by bleeding
Stressful ulcers
Acute stomach ulcers and a duodenum at burns
Medicinal ulcers
Morphological characteristic of acute gastroduodenal ulcers
Clinical picture and diagnosis of acute gastroduodenal ulcers
Prevention and treatment of acute gastroduodenal ulcers
Solitary ulcerations of Dyelafua
Illness of Randyu — Weber — Oslera
Mallori-Veyss's syndrome
Aneurism of a ventral aorta
Aneurisms of branches of a celiac trunk of belly part of an aorta
Cysts of a pancreas and liver
Zollingera-Ellison's syndrome
Gastrothinly - colic and duodenoobodochny whistle
Duodenum ulcer penetration to bilious canals
Menetriye's illness
Illness Krone
Sarcoidosis of a stomach and duodenum
Eosinophilic granuloma
Bezoara of a stomach and duodenum
Dihundred-pyrobathing pancreas
Stomach diverticulums
Duodenum diverticulums
Cyst and doubling
Round ulcers of a gullet
Spontaneous rupture of a gullet
Esophageal raspiratornye fistulas
Gullet phlegmon
Gullet tuberculosis
Gullet syphilis
Fungal infections of a gullet
Damage of a gullet at an illness Krone
Gullet scleroderma
Gullet amyloidosis
List of references

Ponomarev A. A., Kurygin A. A. Rare not tumoral surgical diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum. — L.: Medicine, 1987. 

The monograph is devoted to little-known diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum, at the same time questions of differential diagnosis in detail understand. The original operations at these diseases which are sharply reducing an operational lethality are given, the etiology, a clinical picture of rare diseases understand, and in each separate case the most favorable methods of treatment are recommended.


Each surgeon in the practical work should meet so-called rare diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum though many of these diseases separately can never be seen. The knowledge of rare diseases, the correct diagnosis and the choice of a rational method of treatment in an unusual situation make what it is accepted to call clinical experience. Really huge number of works which in the majority are based on separate supervision is devoted to rare surgical diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum. It is clear, that a little thorough acquaintance to this extensive literature for a wide range of practical doctors is an excessive task. A number of monographs in which the questions of a pathogeny, diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases of a digestive tract are raised is at different times published. Some of them are written by therapists [Vasilenko V. of X., Grebenev A. L., 1981; Dorofeyev G. I. Uspensky V. M. 1984], and, naturally, surgical aspects of a problem, others [Efremov A. V., are not reflected by K. D. Eristavi in them, 1969] pathologies of one body or to some one complication of rare diseases are devoted [Belousova I. M., 1976]. At last, after issue of monographs "Rare Surgical Diseases" of V. N. Choubin (1969) and "Surgery of a stomach and duodenum" of A. A. Shalimov and V. F. Saenko (1972) there passed many years. During this time views of a pathogeny of some diseases of a gullet, a stomach and a duodenum changed, diagnostic methods and medical tactics were improved at them, but the most important — these books became a little available to practical doctors.
Told testifies to the imminent need of the edition of the monograph in which it is rather full and taking into account modern achievements of medical science rare not tumoral surgical diseases of a gullet, stomach and duodenum would be lit. Materials which formed the basis of the monograph "Rare Not Tumoral Surgical Diseases of a Gullet, Stomach and Duodenum" collected authors more than 20 years. In what degree it was succeeded to achieve a goal — to judge to readers.
When writing the monograph attempt to systematize rare diseases on etiological signs and features of clinical implication is made. Perhaps, only diverticulums of a stomach and duodenum hold a specific place. However to select this section of the monograph in the isolated chapter it is represented inexpedient. With the known share of convention the section on diverticulums is included in hl. 7, devoted to inflammatory diseases of a stomach and duodenum. Such composition of this chapter is not unreasonable as one of the most frequent complications of diverticulums of a stomach and a duodenum is the inflammation.
Feature of creation of the monograph is also isolation of rare diseases of a gullet in the final (8th) chapter that allowed to avoid numerous repetitions at a statement of an etiology, a pathogeny and a morphological basis of such diseases of a gullet as cyst and doubling, tuberculosis, syphilis, a scleroderma, an amyloidosis, etc. These questions are stated in the corresponding heads devoted to diseases of a stomach and duodenum that was possible because of similarity of their clinical implication. The clinical picture of damage of a gullet at the same diseases has the features, and her statement cannot be integrated in one section concerning diseases of a stomach and duodenum.
Now official documents the illness is not encouraged to call by the names of scientists and if in this monograph retreat is in this respect allowed, then it is made only because some rare diseases are better known by name the authors who described them.
The sections of the monograph devoted to acute ulcers, cysts of a pancreas and liver, stomach torsion, intramural hematomas of a duodenum, Tsollinger's syndrome — Ellisona, to rare complications of a peptic ulcer, a bezoar and to stomach phlegmons, diverticulums of a stomach and duodenum, are written on the basis of long-term personal experience of authors, other chapters devoted to inborn and specific inflammatory processes are written on the basis of synthesis of data of literature. But also in this case at a statement of material modern ideas of a pathogeny of rare diseases, the increased technical equipment of clinical medicine, and also experience in definition of medical tactics were considered.
It is impossible to include all used numerous sources and therefore it was necessary to be limited to the most evidential in the scientific and clinical relation modern works in the list of references.

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