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Gullet incompetence of cardia

The incompetence of cardia is characterized by relaxation of esophageal and gastric transition and free intake of contrast medium in a stomach, lowering of a tone and expansion of a gleam of esophageal and gastric transition. At research in vertical and horizontal provisions in a front straight line and slanting projections retrograde intake of contrast medium from a stomach in a gullet is defined by the gaping cardia. Peristaltic reductions in a gullet promote return of a contrast agent in a stomach again.
Morphological substrate of an incompetence of cardia is disturbance of switching function of esophageal and gastric transition, an infiltration inflammatory and tumoral elements of the specified transition with ulcerations and without it, etc.

It is distinguished at roentgenoscopy and a X-ray analysis with use of a contrast agent, in various projections in vertical and horizontal position of the patient, X-ray cinematography.

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