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Disturbance of a salt metabolism

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Disturbance of a salt metabolism
Set of exercises at an initial form of disturbance of a salt metabolism

Causes of infringement of a salt metabolism in an organism — slow-moving way of life, hormonal reorganization, excess food, the plentiful use of meat, hot dishes and bean, abuse of alcoholic drinks, smoking and systematic overcooling of an organism or separate joints of extremities.

The main manifestation of disturbance of a salt metabolism — a disease of joints: mobility restriction, in them, a crunch and a crash, pain at rest and at the movements, deformation, bone growths in the form of "thorns", "spurs", "moustaches" etc.

At an initial form of disturbance of a salt metabolism it is recommended - gymnastics for joints from different starting positions: movements by hands and legs, bending and straightening of fingers of hands and legs, knee and elbow, shoulder and hip joints at the same time both hands and legs or alternately hands and legs. 

That who for the first time started exercises or has initial physical training, it is recommended to carry out exercises from starting positions lying on spin and sitting on a chair, gradually mastering other starting positions. For people with average and good physical training optimum starting positions — sitting on a chair or a stool, lying on a stomach, being on all fours and standing.

The movements are recommended to be carried out at slow and average speed, passing from simple to difficult, from small joints to large, adhering to the principle of distribution of load of different groups of muscles. For example, the movements, hands alternate to the movements of legs, the heads, trunks and breathing exercises (as required). Amplitude of movements has to increase gradually, especially when the movements cause pain. For example, the first two movements of the same exercise do with the minimum scope, the following — about average and final — with maximum. The dosage of exercises (number of repetitions) depends on degree of physical fitness of engaged. It is necessary "to work" each joint (irrespective of defeat) in all possible directions, at least on 1 — 2 time (for beginners and feeling pain).

Are recommended to people with disturbance of a salt metabolism:

1) daily morning hygienic exercises;
2) complexes of special physical exercises 3 — 4 times a day. In the absence of free time they can be replaced by repeated fizkultminutka who advise to do to those who is busy with brainwork or works sitting, and also leading a slow-moving life;
3) sports activities: tennis, volleyball, rowing, towns, outdoor games, driving by bicycle, on pipits, ski walks. Duration of occupations is from 30 min. to 1 h;
4) occupations on exercise machines (exercises for the lower and upper extremities), on a wall "Health" from 10 to 30 min. in day;
5) long pedestrian walks (in good weather), it is desirable weekly;
6) a pair bath or a sauna of 1 — 2 time a week (if there are no contraindications), which contribute to normalization of a metabolism and removal of salts from an organism;
7) walks on foot 1 — 3 time a day (depending on degree of physical fitness and a functional condition of an organism) at slow and average speed with uniform and deep breath, taking a wide step and swinging hands;
8) heat baths for hands (to an upper third of a shoulder) and legs (to knee joints) or bathtubs in a sitting position (for legs and the lower part of a trunk) with the water level reaching edge of edges (water temperature of 35 — 36 degrees). In warm water it is necessary to do the various movements, especially in joints where are available constraint, restriction of mobility or pain;
9) the warming compresses for the night (for removal of a joint pain); semi-spirit (vodka), from medical bile, a liquid paraffin or rubbing in of the anesthetizing ointments (an anadeldok, russ, a calendula, apizartron, nikofleks, finalgon, etc.). After rubbing in the joint and all surface where ointment was rubbed, have to be densely closed by a woolen bandage on a naked body (it is desirable a mohair scarf);
10) for the night a tray for legs (for removal of the pain caused by calcaneal "spur"). In a small bowl to pour 1 — 1,5 glass of very hot water (it is how possible to suffer), to fill a full handful of table salt and to add 20 — 30 drops of iodine. To put a bowl slantwise — so that all heel and a sore point were lowered in this solution, without resting against a bottom and to keep 10 — 15 min. To take out a leg, to dry wipe and rub within 10 min. a cotton plug camphoric alcohol in the steamed-out skin, and especially in a sore point. Then to fluff up a cotton plug which rubbed camphoric alcohol, to put it on a sore point, and to cover from above with the piece of the wide bandage impregnated with a liquid paraffin put four times to close it from above double the folded compressor paper and to bandage densely. Then to wrap a leg cotton wool and again to bandage, and in the morning a bandage to remove and put on a warm sock or a stocking. To repeat daily for night of 10 — 20 days to a total disappearance of pains;
11) massage and self-massage, especially joints in which the movements are limited and is felt pain;
12) a dream on air or indoors with an open window or a window leaf;
13) a balanced diet (4 — 5 times a day) — a milk and vegetable diet. Are excluded from a diet bean (peas, lentil, haricot, beans); hot and jellied meat and fish dishes (beef-infusion broths fried meat and bird); grapes and drinks from it (juice. wine), raisin; the sorrel, spinach, an asparagus, is limited salad. Are recommended a water-melon (for 10 kg of weight — from 250 g to 1 kg of a water-melon a day) and water-melon juice — the best natural means for removal of salts and harmful substances from an organism, a melon (200 — 500 g a day), a persimmon (50 — 250 g), plum (100 — 300 g), vegetables and fruit salads, (it is better with sunflower or olive oil), vinaigrettes from vegetables, vegetable, fruit and milk soups, stewed vegetables, vegetables and cottage cheese casseroles, boiled low-fat meat (beef or chicken) and fish.

At a daily diet there shall be a fennel and parsley. It is desirable to eat every day one tablespoon of greens of fennel and one teaspoon of greens of parsley. If there is no opportunity to daily use fennel and fresh parsley, they should be dried (on one person for a year of 4 — 5 kg of fennel and 1 — 2 kg of parsley). At a fennel zasushka separately dry branches, umbrellas tops and a stalk; dry branches of fennel crush and put in a glass jar with a cover; also separately dry leaves and roots of parsley. A half of a teaspoon of dry greens is equivalent to a tablespoon fresh.

Greens of parsley and fennel are put in first courses and salads or strew with them second courses. The stalk of fennel is added when cooking to the first and second courses, a root — when cooking vegetable soups and borsches (vegetable and meat). Fennel and parsley — the most useful and necessary seasonings. In addition to pleasant taste they possess also diuretic action, promoting removal from an organism of harmful products, interfere with adjournment of salts in joints and to education by sand of stones in kidneys and a gall bladder. Dill umbrellas and seeds are made in a thermos (at the rate of 1 tablespoon on a glass of water) and in 18 — 20 h use infusion on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day at stones in kidneys and a bladder, and also at adjournment of salts in joints of hands, legs and a backbone. People were treated by infusions and broths of a dill seed at the time of Peter I: after a bath and a sweating room at pains in lumbar area drank a mug of a dill gain (0,5 l), washed down it with a gain from dry raspberry, took cover a short fur coat, strongly sweated — and pain as a hand removed.

At disturbance of a salt metabolism recommend fasting days: weekly in the spring and in the winter and 2 times in the flying and in the fall. For example, water-melon and cottage cheese or melon and cottage cheese, plum and apple, vinegretno-apple day. Cottage cheese is eaten in such quantity not to hunger.

At initial forms of disturbance of a salt metabolism in the morning or for an hour to a dream jogging (from 10 to 30 min.) is recommended. After run it is necessary to take a warm shower and to put on fresh linen as during run on underwear with then settle salts which can get through skin into an organism again. Also balneological treatment is useful: pine, soda needle baths. All these procedures appoint taking into account age features, a condition of an organism.

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