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Disturbance of evakuatorny function of a stomach

Evakuatorny function of a stomach. Disturbance. Normal evacuation of 200 g of a contrast agent from a stomach continues during 1,5 — 3 h (the food depending on structure and a consistence is late from 3 to 10 h, being affected by gastric contents).
Distinguish the accelerated and slowed down evacuation. The accelerated evacuation is characterized by fast gastric emptying — within 10 — 15 min. a contrast agent without delay comes in the big portions to a duodenum. It is observed when lowering acidity, insufficiency of the gatekeeper in connection with an infiltration of all layers of his wall inflammatory or tumoral elements that happens at a peptic ulcer or a tumor of a stomach (an infiltrative form), and also at a disease of a gall bladder, pancreas, etc.
The slowed-down evacuation is characterized by the fact that a contrast agent within several hours, and sometimes and within several days remains in a stomach. It can be caused by a gastroptosis, its expansion, lowering of a tone, piloro-and duodenospazmy, a stenosis of the pyloric channel, loss of a mucous membrane of a stomach in a duodenum, pressure from the outside, etc.
The slowed-down evacuation is combined with change of peristaltic function, restriction of a smeshchayemost, increase in volume of a stomach, existence of horizontal level of liquid against a gas bubble, narrowing and defect of filling of pyloric part, deformation of a bulb of a duodenum etc.
It is distinguished at roentgenoscopy, a X-ray analysis with use of a contrast agent and pharmacological drugs, X-ray cinematographies in various projections and with obligatory research of patients in dynamics.

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