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Tsutsugamusha fever

Tsutsugamusha fever - the disease widespread in India, East and Southeast Asia (Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), Australia, is transmitted through stings of larvae of krasnotelkovy mites. On site a sting the yazvochka appears, at the patient arise fever (within 2 weeks), headaches, an inflammation of a conjunctiva of eyes, rash on a trunk and extremities, increase lymph nodes.

The illness hard proceeds at elderly. A thicket agricultural workers are subject to it.
In a complex of preventive actions fight against mites and an exception of contact with them has the leading value. For personal prevention of fever of a tsutsugamusha repellents which, depending on a route of administration, apply on open body parts are used, or impregnate with them clothes and blankets. Preparation of the place for life in camp conditions (geologists, tourists, military, etc.) includes removal and burning of plants, elimination of holes of rodents and processing of the camp platform resistant antitick-borne drugs (dieldrin, a lindane, malathion).

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