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Medical foods at pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis — nonspecific inflammatory process of the bacterial nature in a renal pelvis, renal cups and a parenchyma of a kidney with preferential defeat of its intersticial fabric. Unlike a glomerulonephritis one kidney is involved in process and mainly its canalicular device is damaged.

At uncomplicated acute pyelonephritis usually there is no danger of a delay in an organism of nitrogenous slags, sodium and liquid. Therefore restrictions in a diet, except for the products irritating kidneys and urinary tract (mustard, horse-radish, a radish, a garden radish, spinach, a sorrel, garlic) are not required.

At uncomplicated chronic pyelonephritis the usual balanced diet is recommended. At emergence of a polyuria it is necessary to use the increased amount of liquid. Salt should not be limited as owing to disturbance of a reabsorption in tubules of kidneys sodium in excess quantity is lost with urine.

At complication of chronic pyelonephritis chronic insufficiency of kidneys medical foods are carried out as well as at chronic insufficiency of kidneys.

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