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Skin horn

Skin horn — the high-quality solitary new growth of skin which is characterized by a massive hyperkeratosis.


Arises, as a rule, at elderly people on open body parts, it is frequent against an actinic keratosis or at initial stages of planocellular cancer.

Etiology and pathogeny

Primary skin horn forms from a site of a limited hyperkeratosis, grows very slowly in length, diameter of the basis almost does not change.

Clinical signs and symptoms of a skin horn

The speaker over a skin surface the node of quite often cylindrical form consisting of dense horn masses and reaching in length of 1 — 2 cm and more.

The diagnosis and the recommended clinical trials

The diagnosis is made on the basis of characteristic clinical signs and data of an ekstsizionny biopsy. Sharply expressed hyperkeratosis with formation of layered masses, in the field of the basis — an acanthosis with a hypertrophy of a granular layer is characteristic of a pathomorphologic picture. At an ozlokachestvleniya in akantotichesky growths it is possible to see the polymorphism of cells similar to that at an actinic keratosis, a set of mitoses, including pathological.

Differential diagnosis

Planocellular cancer, actinic keratosis.

General principles of treatment, forecast

Surgical or deep electroexcision of education with obligatory histologic control. Forecast of a skin horn rather favorable.

"Keratoacanthoma   Leiomyoma"