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Clinicodiagnostic characteristic of chronic gastritis

Clinicodiagnostic characteristic of the main forms of chronic gastritis  

Form of chronic gastritis

Main clinical signs

These researches of gastric secretion


These gastroscopies

These biopsies

Diffusion (raspro-
stranenny) with the normal and increased secretory function

The general state does not change. Pains in epigastriß area arise right after food, are combined with heavy feeling, overflow. Pains are diffuse, stupid, aching, usually moderate, is more rare — intensive, keep 1 — 1,5 h.
Heartburn, quite often eructation air, non-constant vomiting

Basal secretion increases to 10 mmol/h, the maximum histamine secretion — to 35 mmol/hour. Plentiful gastric secretion is quite often observed at night

Widespread reorganization of a relief of a mucous membrane with a thickening of folds before disappearance of grooves, a relief smoothness in antral department. Disturbance of a tone and vermicular movement. Hypersecretion signs

Reddening, hypertrophy of folds, hypostasis, availability of slime, single erosion and hemorrhages in a submucosa, hypersecretion signs. At the expressed hypertrophy the mucous membrane has a velvety appearance without usual gloss

The flattening of a mucous membrane at the expense of a hyperplasia of a superficial epithelium, is more rare — intersticial fabric. The epithelium to a bowl is flattened with a basal arrangement of kernels, various in size, mucoid hypersecretion, symptoms of granular and vacuolar dystrophy

Antral (isolated, limited)

Pains in epigastriß area hungry, night, sometimes abating after reception write, heartburn, an eructation acid, it is frequent at height of pains — vomiting. Bent to locks

It is raised

The relief of a mucous membrane in antral department is changed: thickening of longitudinal folds, availability of slime. Increase of a tone and weakening of a vermicular movement of antral department

In pyloric part of a stomach reddening of a mucous membrane, swelling of folds, erosion and hemorrhages in a submucosal layer is found

The histologic picture of a mucous membrane is normal or has symptoms of chronic gastritis of various degree of manifestation

Diffusion (raspro-
stranenny) with secretory insufficiency

Loss in weight and loss of appetite, heavy feeling and pressure in epigastriß area after food, pain moderate and non-constant, nausea, vomiting seldom. Bent to a diarrhea, to a meteorism, bad portability of milk, out of an aggravation — addiction to acid and salty food. Often anemia

Basal secretion about 0,8 mmol/h, the maximum histamine secretion — to 10 mmol/h

The relief of a mucous membrane is maleficiated, the tone and a peristaltics are more often weakened, evacuation of contents of a stomach is accelerated

Diffusion or focal thinning of a mucous membrane, color its pale. Erosion and dot hemorrhages are sometimes observed

Various degree of an atrophy of glands, flattening of an epithelium of a mucous membrane

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