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Breath of children

Reference information on respiratory system of children and her diseases. 

Asthmatic attacks at children
Sizes of shunts
Age dosages of medicines for treatment of allergic rhinitis at children
Age characteristics of respiratory system at children
The choice of an intensive care of respiratory insufficiency at SDR
Clinical scale of an assessment of severity of DN at melkovesny premature children
Concentration of oxygen at oxygenation through a nasal catheter
Technique of cancellation of IVL
Technique of cancellation of IVL at newborns
The lower bounds of lungs at children
Parameters of ventilation of the lungs at some diseases
Indications to transfer of the child into independent breath
Indications to use of spontaneous breath under supertension at newborn children
Indicators of ventilation of the lungs and work of breath at newborns
Indicators of function of external respiration at premature newborns
Indicators of function of breath at the full-term newborns during the first hours lives
Drugs for inhalations
Percentage of oxygen in the inhaled mix at various methods of oxygenation
The sizes of endotracheal tubes for newborns
IVL starting modes
Tactics of an oxygenotherapy depending on DN degree
Disturbance type, clinical signs and reasons of disorders of breath of newborns
Time factor as the management for differential diagnosis of disturbances of breath
Daunas's scale
Scale of an assessment of extent of disturbance of a gas homeostasis
Etiology of disturbance of breath at newborns
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