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Blood, children

Help data on a hemopoiesis and blood at children. 

Nitrogen-containing products of an exchange in blood of children
Atfaza's activity of erythrocytes of healthy children
Age changes of activity of a creatine kinase of blood serum
Age indicators of blood at children
Blood gases
Hematocrit depending on weight and the term of a gestation
Hemoglobin depending on weight and the term of a gestation
The induced secretion of STG at children of advanced age
Interpretation of the main screening tests
Concentration of bilirubin in blood depending on age
Concentration of immunoglobulins in blood serum at children
Concentration of true creatinine in plasma at children
Concentration of carboxyhaemoglobin and methemoglobin at children
Concentration of lipids and their fractions in blood serum at healthy children of various age
Concentration of the main metabolites of connecting fabric in blood at children
Concentration of sugar and true glucose in blood during various age periods
Concentration of electrolytes in plasma and erythrocytes
Curves of indications of an exchange transfusion at isoimmunization
Laboratory diagnosis of the IDCS
Laboratory diagnosis of the reasons for the raised bleeding of newborns
Leukocytes and formula at premature children
Lipid fractions of serum at children
Saturation of an arterial blood oxygen
The nomogram for determination of deficit of potassium in erythrocytes
The nomogram for determination of deficit of calcium
Normal hematologic indicators
Normal values of indicators of "red blood" at newborns
Normal indicators of a hemostasis at full-term and premature
Standards of the contents of sexual steroids in a blood plasma
The general complementary activity, the maintenance of a lysozyme and properdin in blood serum at children
Volumes of once substituted blood when replacing a transfusion at newborns
Osmolyarny concentration of plasma, protein content and sodium at premature
The main biochemical indicators of blood serum at children
The main fractions of phosphorus in plasma at children
OTsK and its components depending on body weight at healthy newborns
OTsK and its components at the healthy full-term and premature newborns
Parameters of erythrocytes at newborns
Preparation of blood for OZPK for children with the known group accessory of blood
Indications for zamenny hemotransfusion
Indications oxygen - transport function of blood at newborns
Indicators of nitrogen-containing substances of blood of healthy children
Indicators of an acid-base state at healthy children
Indicators of an acid-base state at healthy newborns
Indicators of an acid-base condition of blood of a fruit
Indicators of BRAIDS of plasma, erythrolysate and gas composition of blood of newborns
Blood indicators at premature in the first 7 weeks of life
Indicators of a leukocytic formula at newborns
Iron exchange indicators at healthy children
Indicators of system of a hemostasis at healthy children of 3-14 years
Indicators of enzymatic activity in plasma at newborns
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