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Chondroid syringoma

Chondroid syringoma — the benign tumor of skin consisting from epithelial and miksoidny (chondroid) components.


Arises at men more often (2 — 3:1). Practically all tumors solitary.

Etiology and pathogeny

Are studied a little.

Clinical signs and symptoms

The prevailing localization — head skin and necks, occasionally on extremities (1%), a trunk (4%).
The tumor has an appearance of a small knot of the small sizes, is located or in a derma, or over a skin surface, the surface its smooth,  sometimes with a translucent wall acts a little, it is occasionally ulcerated. At a palpation of a dense and elastic consistence. Growth is slow, can exist for years. Clinically reminds a cystous bazalioma.

The diagnosis and the recommended clinical trials

Cytologic research of a smear-skarifikata or punctate, and also biopsy are shown.
Histologic structure of a tumor quite various, but in all cases the epithelial component and proliferation of connecting fabric with symptoms of myxomatosis take place, it is frequent with formation of chondroid sites. The ratio of epithelial and connective tissue components widely varies. Distinguish 2 histologic types of an epithelial component: tubular and cystous.
The tumor of tubular type consists from numerous narrow tyazhy with branchings, lying in a gialinozno-mucinous stroma. Gleams of tubular structures are covered by 2 layers of epithelial cells: one of them are turned into a gleam, have the prismatic form, others (on the periphery) — flat. In a mucoid stroma, besides, find single or in the form of conglomerates the proliferating flat cells. In most cases gleams of tubular structures contain amorphous eosinophilic PAS positive diastazo-resistant substance.
The cystous type of a chondroid syringoma consists mostly of small cystous cavities, and also small groups and tyazhy epithelial cells. Their gleam is covered only with one layer of flat epithelial cells from which in a stroma proliferata in the form of "tails" depart. The tumor stroma basphilic, contains mucoid substances. The fibroblasts and separate epithelial cells which are in it have a light aura, than remind cartilage cells. When coloring by toluidine blue find the metachromasia steady against hyaluronidase that demonstrates existence in a tumor of hondroitinsulfat.

Differential diagnosis of a chondroid syringoma

Bazalioma, sialaden enclavoma.

General principles of treatment

Surgical excision, electroexcision.



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