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Holt — Oram a syndrome

Holt — Oram a syndrome (Holt M., the English pediatrician; Oram S., the English cardiologist) — the disease which is characterized by anomaly of development of heart and upper extremities was born in 1913. Autosomal and dominant inheritance.
Are noted inborn defect of heart without cyanosis (most often defect of an interatrial partition) and various look defects of humeral, beam, elbow bones and bones of a brush, deformations of a thorax owing to anomaly of edges (are shortened). Almost important at all anomalies of upper extremities of a message purposeful research of cardiovascular system of the patient for an exception of possible inborn heart disease, and vice versa.
At a combination of inborn heart disease to anomaly of upper extremities there is a problem of priority of surgical treatment: at one patients it is necessary to eliminate in the beginning heart disease as its existence serves as contraindication to hand operation, from others — anomaly of heart does not demand immediate surgical treatment and is not contraindication to operation on a brush.

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