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Granuloma of bones eosinophilic

Granuloma of bones eosinophilic (granuloma ossis eosinophilicum) — a high-quality form of a reticuloendotheliosis. The illness is shown by the localized damage of bones in the form of the centers of destruction, mostly solitary. Almost all bones of a skeleton, but most often a calvaria, a basin, edges are surprised. The disease can arise at any age.
At patients pain in the field of the defeat center, the swelling, moderate fever, the loss of body weight increased by SOE, a moderate leukocytosis and the raised eosinophilia — 15 — 20% and are noted above.
The pathoanatomical picture provided by a granuloma consists of cells like histiocytes, lymphocytes, eosinophils, colossal cells, the centers of hemorrhage, a necrosis. In a large number eosinophial cells are found, as is the reason of the name of a disease.
Radiological the osteomiyelitichesky center of destruction of irregular shape, size in several centimeters in the diameter is found in a bone. The center of destruction is quite often outlined, its edges are a little sclerosed. Destruction takes all thickness of a bone, in a skull, for example, diploe, both plates also extend through a seam. In long tubular bones of defeat are more often localized in the field of metaphyses — destruction extends to compact and spongy substance and is followed by unsharply expressed periosteal reaction.
The granuloma acts over a bone surface in the form of clearly the felt protrusion. The illness develops gradually and proceeds chronically throughout on average about 2 flyings, has bent to fibrous scarring and spontaneous treatment.
Specific treatment does not exist. Apply a roentgenotherapy.

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