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Symptoms of a disease. Gonorrhea or a gonorrhea — the infectious venereal disease caused gonokokky. Gonorrhea is transferred in the basic sexually. In rare instances perhaps household infection through objects of personal hygiene (a bast, a towel) or bed linen.

Incubatory (hidden) period of gonorrhea: of 3-5 days (at men) till 2-3 weeks (at women). The urethra, at women also, a neck of uterus is surprised. In the absence of treatment inflammatory process extends more deeply, there can come infertility — both at men, and at women. Distinguish two forms of a disease — acute and chronic.

Signs of an acute form of gonorrhea:

At men

• The itch in an urethra passing into gripes (especially at an urination).
• Liquid allocations of a yellowish-green shade.
• Reddening and puffiness of an outside opening of an urethra (front purulent urethritis).

At women

• Pain and burning at an urination.
• Feeling of weight in the bottom of a stomach.
• Plentiful purulent discharges from a vagina.
• In certain cases: temperature increase, disturbance of a menstrual cycle.

At a chronic form of a gonorrhea of allocation at men and women scantier, the itch and gripes at an urination are expressed more weakly, than in an acute form. Patients, both at acute, and at a chronic form, are very infectious.

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