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Hypotonia — the lowering of arterial pressure (to 100/60 mm hg below) connected with frustration of mechanisms of regulation of blood circulation nervous and endocrine (decrease in hormonal function of bark of adrenal glands) of systems. Causes of illness are different: infections, neuroemotional overstrain, intoxication. The peptic ulcer, a myxedema, an anemia can also lead to hypotonia. The lowered pressure not always is a disease, it can be physiologic (for example, at athletes).

At hypotonia there are a headache, dizziness, weakness, slackness, apathy, faints, heartaches,  memory worsens,  working capacity decreases.

The physiotherapy exercises at hypotonia strengthen an organism, improve work cardiovascular, nervous (regulating blood circulation), muscular systems, breath, a metabolism, help to learn to alternate relaxation and reduction of muscles correctly. It is regularly especially important to do morning hygienic exercises as after a dream hypotensives feel worse, than in the afternoon (slackness, weakness, weakness, fatigue are noted). Exercises carry out in a dorsal decubitus. They excitingly affect nervous and cardiovascular systems and provide fast transition from a dream to wakefulness.

Exercises of physiotherapy exercises carry out from starting positions in the beginning sitting and standing. Include the movements for muscles of hands, legs and a trunk in combinations to breathing exercises. In process of improvement of a state and increase in fitness of an organism do exercises with objects (a stick, a ball), rubber tapes, on exercise machines, jumps, jumpings up, coordination exercises, balance, for training of a vestibular mechanism (the movement by the head with the opened and closed eyes), respiratory, exercises and different options of walking. 

Approximate set of exercises at hypotonia

 1. Usual walking — 0,5 min.; walking swinging hands and highly raising knees — 0,5 min.; walking on tiptoe hands on a belt — 0,5 min.; walking by a skrestny step, hands are extended forward — 0,5 min., usual walking — 0 5 min. Speed is slow. Breath is free.
2. Nominative — standing, hands are lowered. To raise hands up over the head — a breath and, it is weakened shaking them, to lower - an exhalation. To repeat 3 times. Speed is slow.
3. Nominative — the same, in hands of 2 — 3 tennis balls. Juggling by balls — 0,5 min. Speed is fast. Breath is free.
4. Nominative — the same, in hands a rubber ball. To strike with a ball in a floor, to turn quickly around through the right side and to catch a ball. The same through the left side. To repeat
2-4 times in each party. Speed is fast. Breath is free.
5. Nominative — the same, hands on a belt. To cave in back, to cramp shovels and elbows — a breath, to return in and. and. — exhalation. To repeat 3 times. Speed is slow.
6. Nominative — standing on a narrow bench (or on one floor board of a floor), hands in the parties, eyes are closed. Walking on a bench or on a straight line blindly — 10 steps. Speed is slow. Breath is free.
7. Nominative — standing, legs at shoulder length, a stick in hands behind at the level of shovels. Turns at the same time heads and trunks without stopping from right to left and vice versa. To repeat on - 4 times in each party. Speed is average. Breath is free.
8. Nominative — the same, hands with a stick are lowered down. To lift a stick up over the head a breath, to lower the right edge of a stick to the right knee, turning a trunk to the right — an exhalation. The same to the left knee. To repeat 2 times in each party. Speed is slow.
9. Nominative — the same, hands on a belt. Jumps, falling by all foot, legs separately and together — 6 times; jumps one leg ahead, another behind, changing position of legs — 6 times; leg jumps skrestno, changing position of legs — 6 times; jumps on tiptoe — 6 times. Speed is fast. Breath is free.
10. Nominative — the same. Into the account of "times" to bend in an elbow the left Hand, into the account "two" — right; "rub" — to extend up over the head the right hand; into the account "four" — left; on "five" to bend the right hand in an elbow; on "six" — left, into the account "seven" to lower the right hand, on "eight" — left. To repeat 2 — 4 times. Speed average with transition to fast. Breath is free.
11. Nominative — the same, the right hand on a breast, left on a stomach. To stick out a stomach — a breath, to involve — an exhalation. To repeat 3 times. Speed is slow.
12. Nominative — sitting on the exercise bike or the bicycle (to remove a transfer chain). The movements by legs as when driving the bicycle — 0,5 — 1 mines / Speed slow or average. Breath is free.
13. Nominative — sitting on a high stool, legs are relaxed hang down, hands on a lap. The weakened pendulum movements by legs (right forward — left back) — 0,5 min. Speed is average. Breath is free.
14. Nominative — standing, hands are raised up. To stretch up — a breath, to lower hands down, to relax — an exhalation. To repeat 3 times. Speed is slow.
15. Usual walking, hands are weakened and lowered down — 0,5 min. Speed is slow. Breath is free.

"Idiopathic hypertensia   Defect of an interventricular partition"