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Herpetiform eczema of Kaposha or vaktsiniformny pustulez

Herpetiform eczema of Kaposha (Eczema herpeticatum Kaposi), or vaktsiniformny pustulez develops in 3 — 7 days after contact of the child having eczema with patients with simple bubble it is deprived. As herpetiform eczema is caused by a herpes simplex virus, clinical manifestations of a dermatosis are similar to those of the disseminated herpes simplex: in places there are against an erythema and puffiness widespread grouped single-chamber small vesicles with umbilicate impression in the center, papulovezikulezny and pustular rashes. After permission of bubbles superficial scars remain places. Often, at herpetiform eczema of Kaposha mucous membranes of genitalias, oral cavities are surprised. Rashes develop sharply, are followed by the heavy toxic phenomena, sharp rise in temperature (to 39-40 °C and above), disturbance of consciousness, increase in a liver, lymph nodes. Pneumonia, the meningeal phenomena and encephalitis, otitis, keratoconjunctivitis, sometimes with a keratohelcosis, disorders of a digestive tract are possible.

Герпетиформная экзема Капоши 

Histopathology. Bubbles are located intra-or subepidermalno. The phenomena of ballooning colliquation are characteristic. At vaccinal eczema in the defeat centers histologically define the exudative degenerating cells.

The forecast is not always favorable; at the weakened, astenizirovanny children when involving in process of internals and a nervous system the lethal outcome (from 1 to 10%), most often owing to shock is possible.

вакциниформный пустулез 

Prevention. Within two weeks care of children of relatives or the treating personnel after their vaccination by a smallpox detritis or in case of a herpes simplex in them is forbidden.

Treatment. At treatment of herpetiform eczema of Kaposha apply the desensibilizing, antihistaminic, sedative, vitamin drugs (especially C). In hard cases carry out treatment by corticosteroids in combination with antibiotics (Oletetrinum, tseporin, etc.) and gamma-globulin. Outwardly use: geliomitsinovy or erythromycin ointments.

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