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About hemorrhoids
Complex of special exercises at hemorrhoids
Symptoms of a disease. Hemorrhoids — expansion of a venous network of a rectum with the subsequent its jamming. At hemorrhoids the itch and burning in an anus are observed. Blood traces in fecal masses. Loss of part of a rectum with its jamming. An inflammation of nodes in the field of an anus. At large hemorrhoidal nodes self-treatment will not help, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Risk factors of hemorrhoids. Low or, on the contrary, excessive physical activity.
Often repeating locks with long natuzhivaniye. The professions connected with long stay standing (sellers, hairdressers, etc.), lifting of weights (loaders, navvies, etc.), long stay in a sitting position (drivers, operators, etc.). Pregnancy.

Prevention of hemorrhoids. Physical activity. Prevention of locks. At long stay standing and a regular raising of weights the special attention should be paid to rest, relaxation, bathtubs. At a sedentary life the moderate exercise stress is necessary: swimming, driving the bicycle, rowing. At pregnancy the special attention should be paid to rest, relaxation, bathtubs.

Medical actions.
Physical exercises. This complex should be carried out in the morning after a dream, in the evening before going to bed and if there is opportunity, 1 — 2 time in the afternoon.
• To sit down on a chair, to cross legs under a chair. Squeezing an anal orifice, to involve on 2 — 3 about a rectum. To repeat 15 — 20 times.
• To execute the same exercise at fast rate of 40-50 times.
• Lying on one side. Retraction of a rectum on 1 — 2 page. To repeat 10 — 20 times.
• Sitting on a floor, legs direct, hands on hips. Movement on buttocks forward on a floor, then back in a starting position.
• Sitting on heels, knees are moved apart, heels together. Rocking by a trunk in the parties. To repeat 2 — 5 min.

National medicines.
• Antihemorrhoidal tea: a buckthorn (bark), the Alexandria leaf, a yarrow (grass), a coriander (fruits), a licorice (root) in equal with the relation. To make 1 tablespoon of mix 1 glass of boiled water, to insist before cooling, to filter, drink 0,5 glasses for the night.
A sauerkraut brine 0,5 — 2 glasses a day in a warm look.
• Fresh juice of onions on 1 tablespoon 3 — 4 times a day.
• Tea from a carrots tops of vegetable — 1 — 2 glass a day.

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