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In more detail about gastritis
Diagnosis and treatment of gastritis

Gastritis, or inflammation of a mucous membrane of a stomach, is subdivided on acute and chronic (with a hyperoxemia — hyperacid; with the lowered acidity — anacid). Disease origins: food disturbance (meal irregularity, too cold or hot or spicy food, alcohol abuse and smoking, overeating, bad chewing of food), prolonged use of the same medicines, chronic and infectious diseases of intestines and other bodies (liver, gall bladder), poisoning, infections (flu, etc.), disbolism. According to new researches, gastritis often has the infectious nature (as well as a stomach inflammation) and is caused by a bacterium of Helicobacter pylori which is found in most of patients with gastritis, – so-called helikobakterny gastritis.

At gastritis to be complaints to pain and a burning sensation in an anticardium, sometimes there are heartburn, an eructation, nausea, and sometimes and vomiting, locks or ponosa (or that and another), pressure sense and a raspiraniye in nadzheludochny area after meal, loss of appetite.

Prevention of gastritis

First of all, at gastritis the good and balanced diet, observance of its mode, refusal of smoking, hard alcoholic drinks matters. It is necessary to treat timely diseases of other abdominal organs, to watch a condition of an oral cavity. Patients with chronic gastritis, especially at the lowered acidity, have to be on dispensary accounting and be inspected in a complex at least two times a year.

Begin to go in for physiotherapy exercises at gastritis at the end of the subacute period (when there is no pains, nausea, vomiting and a diarrhea), but exclude exercises for prelum abdominale muscles which can cause a repeated aggravation. At chronic gastritis 2 — 3 times a day carry out individually picked up set of exercises (the physiotherapy exercises are most effective if it is carried out in intervals between drink of mineral water and meal). It is necessary to observe a day regimen — correctly to alternate meals, a dream, work and rest. At chronic gastritises the morning hygienic exercises are obligatory: it tones up a nervous system, speeds up work of an organism.

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