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Dracunculosis (parasitic worm)the helminthosis, widespread in tropics and subtropics, affecting mainly local population.

The person catches at the use of not boiled water in which there can be larvae of parasites — a Cyclops. At the person the female of a parasitic worm lives in hypodermic cellulose, most often the lower extremities.

8 — 14 months later after infection on a leg (stop) there is a bubble (2 — 7 cm) with a head of a worm whose body can reach 120 cm in length and be probed under skin in the form of a tyazh. The illness is followed by fever, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, short wind and urticaria. The ulcer heals approximately in a month after removal of a worm. The disease occurs at visitors seldom.

The dracunculosis activator in hypodermic cellulose

Prevention of a dracunculosis consists in the use for drink only disinfected by boiling or filtering of water. It is also necessary to abstain from bathing in ponds as perhaps accidental swallowing water with the infected Cyclops.

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