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Diet No. 4
Indications to use: chronic colitis and coloenterites in an aggravation phase; an acute gastroenterocolitis at the beginning of a disease (after hungry days); dysentery, a typhoid, tuberculosis of guts (during the first 5 — 7 days).
Purpose. Maximum mechanical, chemical and thermal shchazheniye of guts; creation of conditions for elimination of inflammatory process and recovery of the broken functions; reduction of fermentative and putrefactive processes in guts.
General characteristic. Decrease in energy value generally at the expense of carbohydrates and fats; the amount of proteins meets physiological standard; reduced content of sodium of chloride. The mechanical, chemical and thermal irritants, products promoting fermentative and putrefactive processes in guts, food hard to digest, strong stimulators of bile secretion, secretory function of a stomach and a pancreas, and also the substances irritating a liver are excluded.
Energy value 8583 kJ (2050 kcal).
Chemical composition: proteins — 100 (60 — 70% of animals), fats — 70 (40 — 50 g of butter), carbohydrates — 250 (30 — 50 g of sugar); chloride sodium — 8 — 10; free liquid — 1,5 l.
Culinary processing. The food is cooked, steamed and used in the liquid, pyurirovanny and wiped look.
Diet. Fractional meal in a warm look to 5 — 6 times a day at observance of a bed rest.
The recommended and excludable products and dishes
1. Bread and flour products. Are recommended: white bread from high-grade flour, baking of previous day (restrictedly); crackers from white bread; lean cookies. Are excluded: rye and fresh bread; products from fancy pastry, pancakes, fritters.
2. Meat and bird. Are recommended: low-fat grades of beef, veal, hens, turkeys wiped and chopped, welded in water or together with addition in rice forcemeat instead of bread; forcemeat is passed by 2 — 3 times via the meat grinder with a small lattice. Chicken boiled. Aspic from the wiped meat. Are excluded: fat grades, mutton, pork, goose, duck, stewed and fried piece, sausages, ham, smoked products, canned food.
3. Fish. Are recommended: low-fat (a pike perch, a perch, a sazan, etc.) a piece, the chopped and wiped, welded on water or on couple, jellied, fresh-salted granular caviar. Are excluded: fat types, salty, smoked, marinated, canned food.
4. Eggs. Are recommended: soft-boiled, a steam omelet, in dishes (one in day). Are excluded: crude, fried, hard-boiled.
5. Dairy products. Are recommended: acidophilic milk and paste, cottage cheese the calcinated wiped. Are excluded: whole milk, cream, sour cream, one-day kefir, cheese.
6. Fats. Are recommended: butter in the natural form and in ready dishes. Other fats are excluded.
7. Grain, pasta and bean. Are recommended: rice, semolina, gerkulesovy, wiped buckwheat, welded on water or the fat-free broth, in the form of steam puddings, vermicelli boiled. Are excluded: pearl-barley, millet, yachnevy, friable porridges, macaroni baked puddings, bean.
8. Vegetables. Are recommended in the form of broths (are added to soup). All types are excluded.
9. Soups. Are recommended: on a low-fat rather weak beef-infusion, chicken or fish broth with rice, semolina, vermicelli, quenelles. Mucous soups on the same broths with butter. Are excluded: on strong and fat broth, milk, with vegetables, bean, cold.
10. Fruits, sweet dishes and sweets. Are recommended: apple puree; kissels and jelly from juice of not acid berries and fruit, dried blackcurrant, bilberry decoctions, cornel, quince, bird cherry. Sugar in limited quantity. Are excluded: fresh fruit and berries, dried fruits, compotes, honey, jam and other sweets.
//. Sauces and spices. Are recommended: butter, the fat-free broth. Spices are excluded.
12. Drinks. Are recommended: tea (especially infusion of green), coffee, cocoa on water. The juice of not acid berries and fruit divorced water. Dried blackcurrant, bilberry decoctions, bird cherries, cornel, quince, dogrose. Are excluded: coffee and cocoa with milk, kvass, grape juice, carbonated and cold drinks.

"A dietotherapy at pancreas diseases   Dispensary observation of children with chronic diseases of a gastrointestinal tract"