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Diet No. 1 (main) 1
Indications to use: a peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis with the normal and increased gastric secretion in a phase of the calming-down aggravation and remission (within 3 — 5 months); chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency in an aggravation phase; acute gastritis during recovery; after stomach operations in a recovery phase (after diets No. 1a and 16).
Purpose. The same, as in a diet No. 1b, but with a smaller shchazheniye of a stomach.
General characteristic. A diet with sufficient energy value and a normal ratio of the main feedstuffs. Chemical and thermal food irritants, strong stimulators of gastric secretion are excluded. A mechanical shchazheniye of a stomach less strict, than in a diet No. 1b.
Energy value 12142 — 12979 kJ (2900 — 3100 kcal).
Chemical composition: proteins — 100 (60% of animals), fats — 100 (20 — 30% vegetable), carbohydrates — 400 — 450, chloride sodium — 12; free liquid — 1,5 l.
Culinary processing. The food is steamed, cooked and given in the wiped look.
Diet. Food is eaten by 5 — 6 times a day in a warm look (40 — 50 °C).
The recommended and excludable products and dishes
1. Bread and flour products. Are recommended: white bread from flour of the highest and I grade of yesterday's pastries or dried; lean rolls (1 — 2 time a week); a dry biscuit, lean cookies (like "Maria"). Are excluded: bread rye, fresh, pancakes, pies, pies, fancy bread.
2. Meat and bird. Are recommended: low-fat grades of meat (beef, veal, a rabbit) without sinews and fastion, a chicken and turkey without skin in a boiled or steam look wiped (cutlets, quenelles, frikadel, mashed potatoes, a souffle, roll, etc.), veal, a rabbit, chickens in a boiled look a piece, beef Stroganoff from boiled meat, the boiled and steamed language and a liver. Ham low-fat, not sinewy, unsalted; sausages doctor's and dietary melkonarezanny; meat curd cake, paste from a liver. Are excluded: fat and sinewy grades of meat and a bird in a fried and stewed look, canned food.
3. Fish. Are recommended: low-fat types without skin a piece or in the form of cutlet weight in a boiled or steam look, jellied on a vegetable gain. Light-salted granular caviar in a small amount. Are excluded: fat types (sturgeon, starred sturgeon, etc.), smoked, salty, fried, stewed.
4. Eggs. Are recommended: soft-boiled, a steam omelet and fried eggs (2 eggs a day). Are excluded: the hard-boiled, fried fried eggs and an omelet, crude ovalbumin.
5. Dairy products. Are recommended: whole milk, cream, one-day curdled milk, fresh not acid sour cream and cottage cheese in dishes (lazy vareniki, baked pudding, puddings and so forth); cheese not acute wiped. Are excluded: dairy products with high acidity, strong cheeses.
6. Fats. Are recommended: the unsalted butter refined olive and sunflower in the natural form or added to dishes. Other fats, the overroasted oil are excluded.
7. Grain, pasta and bean. Are recommended: the porridges cooked on milk or water — semolina, well razvarenny rice, wiped buckwheat and gerkulesovy. Steam puddings, souffle, ground grain cutlets. The boiled cut pasta. Are excluded: millet, pearl-barley, yachnevy, buckwheat (unground buckwheat), bean, whole macaroni.
8. Vegetables. Are recommended: the beet, potatoes, carrots, a cauliflower, green peas cooked in water or on couple and wiped (mashed potatoes, a souffle); steam puddings; the vegetable marrows and pumpkin cut by pieces in a boiled look. Occasionally ripe not acid tomatoes in a small amount. Are excluded: other vegetables, salty, fermented, marinated vegetables and mushrooms, vegetable canned food.
9. Soups. Are recommended: from the wiped vegetables, milk, groat, wiped from vermicelli or home-made noodles with addition of the resolved wiped vegetables; cream soups milk, from vegetables, from in advance boiled down hens or meat. Refuel butter, not acid sour cream, an egg yolk. Are excluded:
on a beef-infusion, chicken, fish broth, mushroom and strong vegetable gains, borsch, Russian cabbage soup, okroshka.
10. Fruits, sweet dishes and sweets. Are recommended: ripe sweet fruit and berries in the form of mashed potatoes, kissels, jelly, mousses, the wiped compotes; baked apples (without thin skin); sweet dishes on whipped whites (mousses, elders), whipped cream, creams, milk kissel. Sugar, honey, jams and sweet berries and fruit jam, fruit candy, zephyr. Are excluded: berries and fruit in the raw, acid and unripe, chocolate, halvah, not wiped dried fruits.
11. Sauces and spices. Are recommended: milk, smetanny, egg and oil sauces. Fennel melkonarezanny in soups; vanillin. Are excluded: other sauces and spices.
12. Drinks. Are recommended: rather weak tea with milk or cream, weak cocoa on milk, sweet fruit and berry juice, broth of a dogrose, wheat bran. Are excluded: kvass, coffee, carbonated drinks, juice of acid berries and fruit.

1 The Diet No. 1 — surgical differs from a diet No. 1 in inclusion of rather weak beef-infusion, fish and vegetable broths and restriction of whole milk.

"A dietotherapy at pancreas diseases   Dispensary observation of children with chronic diseases of a gastrointestinal tract"