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The diagnosis of the premature (accelerated) puberty

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The diagnosis of the premature (accelerated) puberty
Reasons of premature puberty
Anamnesis, physical inspection, diagnosis of premature puberty

Close concepts: isosexual premature maturing, heterosexual premature, true premature puberty

Achievement of normal reproductive ability and level of the physical development corresponding to the adult requires interaction of many internal and exogenous causes. Terms of the beginning of puberty depend on a number of external processes, for example the postponed stresses, food, environment factors.

Puberty begins usually with growth acceleration. Growth acceleration, and also an adrenarkha (development of secondary pilosis) and a telarkha (development of mammary glands) are observed between 8 and 13 years, on average at the age of 11 flyings. At most of women of a menarche (age of the beginning of periods) makes 12 — 13 years. At young men puberty happens by 14 years. Development of secondary sexual characteristics takes usually 4,2 years, on average from 1,5 to 6 years (table).

Terms of puberty are normal



Pilosis of axillary hollows

9 — 16

Development of mammary glands (telarkha)

8 — 13

Beginning of periods (menarche)

9 — 16

Development of pilosis on a pubis (pubarkh)

8 — 14

Maximum growth rate of a body

9,5 — 14


It is considered to be as premature puberty emergence of secondary sexual characteristics aged which on two standard deviations less average age of puberty is normal (8 years for girls, 9 years for boys). At the patient with physical signs of premature maturing it is very important to make the exact diagnosis. The doctor has to differentiate various forms of full and incomplete premature puberty and favorably proceeding processes which in effect are not pathology such as premature pilosis or growth of mammary glands.

If early maturation gipotolamo - a pituitary reproductive system is the reason of premature puberty, then it is called full isosexual premature maturing (true premature puberty). If the child with premature puberty has a hypersecretion of gonadotrophins or sexual steroids is not caused by the corresponding pituitary incentives, then such state is called incomplete isosexual premature puberty. The term "heterosexual premature puberty" call the premature puberty which is followed by a masculinization of girls.

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