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Diagnosis of diseases of connecting fabric at children



Symptom complex

150 Aortoarteriit (Takayasu's illness)

Systolic noise over large vessels
Asymmetry and decrease in amplitude of pulse
Asymmetry of arterial pressure
Attacks of abdominal pains with vomiting and diarrhea
Hypertrophy of a left ventricle
Multiple or local deformation (aneurisms, stenoses, occlusions) of an aorta and arteries departing from it revealed at ultrasonic research and an aortografiya

151 Dermatomyositis


Hypostasis and lilac erythema in paraorbital area (dermatomiozitny points)
Muscular weakness
Pasty consistence of muscles with the Focal density caused by calcifications
Symmetric polyarthritises, polyarthralgias
Aspiration pneumonia

Errozivno-canker of various departments of a gastro intestinal path with the subsequent perforation of a wall
Focal neurologic symptomatology

152 Neurofibromatosis of Recklinghausen

The nevus pigmentosus on skin of "coffee with milk" color more often located in a trunk and a neck
Tumors on skin, the heads, necks, a trunk or extremities
Defects of bone and muscular system

153 Periodic illness

Periodically appearing:
abdominal pains
1.4. neytro-and leukopenia
Good shape of the child in the vnepristupny period

154 Syndrome of Kawasaki (mucous and skin lymphatic syndrome)

Temperature increase to febrile and gektichesky figures
Polymorphic rash on skin
Dense hypostasis of brushes and feet
Defeat mucous (conjunctivitis, hyperemia and cracks of lips, hypostasis of nipples of language, hyperemia mucous mouth and throat)
Significant increase in cervical lymph nodes
Symptoms of myocarditis (expansion of relative dullness of heart, disturbance of a rhythm, systolic noise)
Hepatolienal syndrome

155 Parri-Romberg's syndrome


The beginning of clinical displays of a disease at the age of 10 — 20
The unilateral progressing atrophy of skin, hypodermic cellulose, bone tissue of the person muscular (less often)
Gomolateralny atrophy of a phonatory band, throat, language, soft palate, alveolar shoots, eyeglobe, loss and caries of teeth
Disorder of pigmentation (pallor, uneven yellowy-brown hyperchromasia, depigmentation)
Hair loss

156 Syndrome of Chernogubova-Elersa-Danlosa

Easy vulnerability of skin
Thinning of skin in the field of natural folds, its increased elasticity
Emergence on skin and mucous hemorrhages after slight injuries
Blue scleras
Excessive mobility of joints
Vascular disorders (aortic aneurysm, multiple aneurisms of small arteries, varicosity)
Malformations of internals
Functional inferiority of thrombocytes

157 System lupus erythematosus

Hypostasis with an erythema on face skin in the form of a butterfly
Diskoidny elements with whitish-gray scales and the thinning of skin beginning with the center
Hemorrhagic rash
Joint syndrome (arthritises, arthralgias)
Polyserosites (pleurisy, pericardis, perihepatitis, episplenitis etc.)
Abacterial endocarditis of Liebman-Saks
Lyupus-nefrit with forming of a chronic renal failure
Detection of LE cells in blood

158 Bushke's sclerema

The stage induration of skin which is consistently capturing the person, a shoulder girdle, upper part of a trunk
Lack of defeat of brushes and feet
Lack of an atrophy and fibrosis of soft tissues, joint, vasospastic phenomena, disturbances of pigmentobrazuyushchy functions of skin

159 Scleroderma, generalized form

The centers of damage of skin which are characterized by its puffiness with a reddish-lilac nimbus on the periphery in the beginning with the subsequent consolidation and an atrophy, frequent damage of skin of a forehead as "saber blow"
Muscular atrophy in places of damage of skin
Vasospasm as Reynaud's syndrome
Damage of joints in the form of arthritises or arthralgias
Adjournment of kaltsinat in soft tissues of hands (Tibyerzha-Veyssenbakh's syndrome)
Damage of internals (a pneumofibrosis, myocarditis, decrease in a vermicular movement and a kolboobrazny esophagectasia with narrowing in the lower third, nephrite)
Increase of ostrofazovy indicators
Radiological — detection of an air-barium column in a gullet

160 Scleroderma, skin form

Sites of the condensed skin of color of an ivory of a round, oval or polosovidny form
Damage of skin of a forehead as "saber blow"
Atrophy of muscular groups in places of damage of skin

161 Nodular periarteritis

Treelike or mesh the livedo on skin of distal departments of extremities, is more rare than the person, a thorax, buttocks
The single or multiple small knots which are palpated on the course of large vessels and in a network of the livedo
Dense painful hypostases on brushes, feet, in large joints
Sharply forming skin necroses and gangrene of distal departments of extremities
Cerebral vascular crises with suddenly developing headache, vomiting, the subsequent loss of consciousness, kloniko-tonic spasms, substantial increase of arterial pressure
Asymmetric polyneuritis
Coronaritisis and myocarditis
Pristupoobrazny abdominal pains
Arterial hypertension
Histologic and destructive productive vasculitis

According to Ostropolets S. S., V. N. Beet, Diagnostic syndromes of diseases of children's age.

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