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Diagnosis of diseases of an urinary system at children



Symptom complex

185 Amyloidosis of kidneys

Edematous syndrome
Increase of level of residual nitrogen, urea, blood creatinine
Detection of amyloid in a bioptata of renal fabric

186 Fabri's illness

Purple dot angiokeratomas on trunk skin
Extremity pains
Periodic temperature increase
Proteinuria, hamaturia
Increase of arterial pressure
Decrease of the activity of a galactosidase in leukocytes, culture of skin fibroblasts

187 Intersticial nephrite


1 The most frequent beginning of a disease in 3 — 4-year age

Intoksikatsionny syndrome
Abdominal and poyasnichy pains
Hamaturia, proteinuria, abacterial (at the expense of eosinophils and (or) lymphocytes) a leukocyturia, a hyposthenuria, decrease in secretory and excretory function of tubules
Radiological — anomaly of development of bodies of uric system
Identification of considerable frequency of diseases of kidneys in the analysis of a family tree of the child

188 Nefronoftiz Fankoni (medullary cystic disease)

Lag in growth
Pigmental degeneration of a retina
Forming of a chronic renal failure at the normal ABP
The biopsy of kidneys — is thinned cortical substance, multiple cysts in a medulla and a kortiko-medullary zone

189 Nephrotic syndrome

The expressed edematous syndrome
Hyper proteinuria
Hypoproteinemia, giperlip demiya

190 An acute glomerulonephritis with a nephritic syndrome


Developing of a disease 2 — 3 weeks later after the postponed streptococcal or viral infection
Permanent increase of arterial pressure
Spasm of arteries of an eyeground

Resistant hamaturia at the expense of lixivious erythrocytes, a moderate proteinuria

191 Pyelonephritis

Intoxication phenomena (temperature increase, vomiting)
Abdominal pains
Dysuric frustration (a pollakiuria, morbidity during urinations)
Neutrophylic leukocyturia in combination with a bacteriuria
Detection in urine of active leukocytes in number of more than 20% of total quantity
Growth more than 100000 colonies at crops of 1 milliliter of urine

hypoplasia of kidneys (Ask-Upmark's kidney)

The expressed arterial hypertension
Ultrasonography — uneven contours of kidneys, segmented thinning of a bast layer, deformation of collective systems of kidneys

193 Alport's syndrome

Emergence of clinical symptomatology in preschool and early school the periods
Combination of stigmata of a dizembriogenez (hypertelorism, anomalies of a bite, abnormal shape of auricles, little finger curvature etc.)
Uniformity of stigmata of a dizembriogenez in one family
Decrease in hearing
The arterial hypotonia which is replaced in process of progressing of an illness arterial hypertension
Change of an organ of sight (anomaly of a crystalline lens, degenerative changes in area of a yellow body)

194 Syndrome of Lourensa-Muna-Barde-Bidlya

Focal neurologic symptomatology
Uric syndrome (hamaturia, leukocyturia, proteinuria)
Pigmental retinitis
Doubling of kidneys and ureters, cysts in cortical and a medulla of kidneys

According to Ostropolets S. S., V. N. Beet, Diagnostic syndromes of diseases of children's age.

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