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Diagnosis of the third states at children

Third states


Symptom complex

1 Anomaly of the constitution limfatiko - hypoplastic

Excess body weight
Decrease in turgor of fabrics
Hypertrophy of palatine tonsils, adenoid growths
Permanent increase in peripheral lymph nodes
Increase in a thymus
Lympho-and monocytosis

2 Anomaly of the constitution nervously - arthritic

Asthenic constitution
Advancing of age norms in mental development
"Whimsical" appetite
Periodic emergence of arthralgias
Emergence of atsetonemichesky states

3 Anomaly of the constitution ekssudativno - catarral

Dermatoallergiya phenomena
"Geographical" language
Unstable chair
Increase of the Ig E level

4 Hypoimmune diathesis


Frequent intercurrent diseases
Tendency to synchronization of inflammatory processes

Frequent existence of focal infection
Combination of minor anomalies of immunity (deficit of secretory immunoglobulin of a class A, immunoglobulin G subclasses ", G and (or) deficit of separate factors of complement activation on a classical way, the general variable hypogamma globulinemiya)

5 The hypoglycemia is reactive

Acute approach of hunger between meals
Increased fatigue
Uneasy dream
Decrease in a muscle tone

6 Thermoneurosis

Temperature increase during the day without a certain pattern
Temperature asymmetry (difference 0,5 degrees and more)
Temperature increase induction by an exercise stress, hyperphrenia, meal
Temperature Refrakternost to antiinflammatory and antipyretic therapy
Lack of negative influence of temperature on health of the child, his appetite
Lack of changes in data of paraclinic researches

7 Chernobyl syndrome


Frequent intercurrent diseases
Asthenoneurotic phenomena

Increased fatigue
Various forms of a vegetative allotopia
Destabilization of cellular membranes
Activation of a metabolism of blood cells
Suppression of the T-cellular link of immunity

According to Ostropolets S. S., V. N. Beet, Diagnostic syndromes of diseases of children's age.

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