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Deformation of contours of a liver

Liver. Deformation of contours is characterized by single or multiple protrusions of various size and a form and better comes to light at research in the conditions of a diagnostic pneumoperitoneum. In this case in direct front and back projections in vertical position of the patient against the gas which is under a diaphragm it is accurately visible upper and upper lateral contours, and in lateroposition on the left side — lateral and lower contours of a liver. It is observed at cirrhosis, primary, secondary tumors and tumorous formations of a liver, a tumor, zhelchevyvodyashchy channels, a gall bladder, a right kidney, an adrenal gland, stomach, duodenum and a head of a pancreas, partial relaxation of the right dome of a diaphragm. It is distinguished at roentgenoscopy, a X-ray analysis in various projections, in vertical and horizontal position, and also at a X-ray analysis against an artificial pneumoperitoneum or a pneumoretroperitoneum and at an angiography.

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