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Bronchial asthma

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Bronchial asthma
Medical uprazheniye at bronchial asthma
In more detail about bronchial asthma
Mechanisms of development of bronchial asthma
Pathophysiology of bronchial asthma
Diagnosis and classification
Asthmatic status
Treatment of patients with asthma

Symptoms of a disease. Bronchial asthma - the illness which is expressed generally asthma attacks which are caused by disturbance of passability of bronchial tubes. A spasm of bronchial tubes are a reaction of an organism to a lack of carbon dioxide of blood. At a spasm breath is broken, in blood the content of carbon dioxide increases and the content of oxygen decreases. When they settle into shape, the attack stops.

Asthmas applied to treatment medicines often become the reason of an exacerbation of an illness as cause an allergy. Natural means of improvement do not lead to similar complications. If the exacerbation of a disease stops only in a hospital or after a call of doctors of "ambulance", then use of natural means of improvement allows to increase the mezhpristupny periods considerably.

Distinguish exogenous and endogenous asthma. Exogenous asthma has the allergic nature, usually arises in the childhood, is characterized by genetic predisposition and often is followed by hay fever and eczema. Endogenous asthma has no relation to an allergy and, as a rule, develops at adults. Only 10% of sick children suffer from this form of asthma.

Asthma can practically not prove, proceed with rare attacks, can sometimes be observed: breath zatrudnyonnost; constant cough and asthma.

Signs of an asthmatic attack: feeling of constraint and discomfort (sometimes pains) in a breast. The person cannot deeply inhale because lungs are overflowed with air, and the exhalation is inefficient. Breath is accompanied by the whistling rattles which are result of vibration spastic of the squeezed bronchial tubes when passing of air through them.

Risk factors of asthma.

• Exercise stresses can serve as the reason of an asthma and cough.
• Cold and dry air is drained by respiratory tracts, change of heat with cold or on the contrary, are also incentives of asthma.
• Various diseases promote strengthening of asthma.
• Some drugs can cause an asthmatic attack.
• Stressful situations, excitement.
• The contaminated air.

Prevention of asthma. It is impossible to affect genetic predisposition to asthma, but it is possible to take precautionary measures:

• Not to allow contact of the child with domestic animals.
• Not to feed small children with cow's milk and eggs.
• From early age for the purpose of the prevention of infectious diseases of respiratory tracts to acquaint the child with physical culture.
Define the reasons causing asthma and minimize them.

Medical actions at asthma.

• Include as much as possible cellulose in food.
• Reduce consumption of meat products, replace them with phytalbumin (nuts, dishes from soybeans).
• Include the products containing vitamins A and E in a diet, it will help to recover mucous membranes of respiratory tracts.
• Fill in with a glass of boiled water 4 teaspoons of the crushed coltsfoot leaves, to insist 30 min., to filter. Drink 0,25 glasses 3 times a day. This means is also effective at acute and chronic bronchitis, cough, a hoarse voice, pneumonia, inflammatory diseases of a digestive tract.
• If you cannot directly eat onions and garlic, then replace their use with inhalations. Put the ware with the crushed garlic or onions covered with the gauze moistened in water at a bed headboard.
• Hardening. You go barefoot more often. Put on a reasonable minimum of clothes.

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