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Tibial bone, inborn curvature

The tibial bone, inborn curvature (deviatio tibiae) — occurs seldom, more often at men. In 95% of cases process left-side.
Deformation is expressed in a curvature of a tibial bone with structural changes in it. It can be with the corner opened kpered or kzad and to be combined with a nearthrosis of this bone, and sometimes and with other anomalies of development — absence or an underdevelopment of bones of foot, a fibular bone, congenital dislocation or an incomplete dislocation of foot.
Angular deformation is more often observed in an average or lower third of a shin. Muscles of a front surface of a shin are shortened, function of a tricipital muscle of a shin decreases.
Treatment is operational: corrective osteotomies using a compression distraktsionnykh of devices. Treatment should be carried out with 7 — 8-year age, and before — long stay of an extremity in a corrective plaster bandage.

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