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Eosinophilic gastroenteritis - Diseases of digestive organs at children

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Diseases of digestive organs at children
Oral cavity
Diseases of teeth
Malformations of the sky and soft tissues of an oral cavity
Diseases of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity and gums
Diseases of lips and language
Digestive tract
Basic reasons of gastrointestinal frustration
Atresia and esophageal and tracheal fistula
Guttural and tracheal and esophageal crevice, inborn stenosis of a gullet
Other diseases of a gullet
Stomach and intestines
Peptic ulcer
Inborn hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
Inborn impassability of intestines
Inborn impassability of a duodenum
Disturbances of turn of intestines
Inborn impassability of a small bowel
Inborn megacolon
Diverticulums and duplikatura
The acquired impassability of intestines
Intestines invagination
Foreign bodys of a stomach and intestines
Motive frustration. stomach and intestines
Anomalies of a structure of anorectal area
Infectious diseases of intestines
Nonspecific ulcer colitis
Illness Krone
Necrotic coloenteritis of newborns
The coloenteritis connected with treatment by antibiotics
Gastrointestinal symptoms of anaphylactoid purpura, gemolitiko-uraemic syndrome
Intolerance of food proteins
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis
Absorption disturbance syndromes
Immunodeficiency and intestines
Syndrome of "a congestive loop"
Syndrome of a short small bowel
Gee's disease
Sprue after acute enteritis
Tropical to a spr
Whipple's illness, intestines lymphangiectasia, Uolmap's illness, idiopathic diffusion defeat of mucous
Enzymopathies and disturbances of mechanisms of transport of nutrients
Irritable colon
Acute appendicitis
Diseases of an anus, direct and large intestine
Tumors of a digestive tract at children
Hernias of a digestive tract at children
Exocrine part of a pancreas
Embryonic development of structure and function of a liver
Diagnosis of diseases of a liver
Cholestatic states at babies
Parenchymatous jaundices at children of chest age
Disturbances of a metabolism of a liver and zhelchevydelitelny system
Anomalies of a structure of bilious ways
Cysts of bilious channels
Cholestasia and diseases of a liver connected with completely parenteral food
Medicinal damage of a liver
Ray's syndrome
Chronic hepatitis
Wilson's illness — Konovalova
Indian juvenile cirrhosis
Damages of a liver at chronic colitis
Cirrhosis and chronic liver failure
Portal hypertensia and varicosity of a gullet
Fatty infiltration of a liver
Peritoneum diseases
Peritoneum hernias

This rare form of an inflammation of intestines is characterized by eosinophilic infiltrates. Usually defeat is localized in a stomach and upper part of a small bowel, but can extend to a gullet and distal part of intestines.
Disease symptoms — abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea, a growth inhibition and increases of body weight.
Atonic symptoms, such as rhinitis and asthma are at the same time observed that testifies to the allergic nature of this frustration. Considerable loss of protein through intestines can cause decrease in level of a seralbumin and immunoglobulins. The endoscopic picture corresponds to an inflammation of a stomach and duodenum; in bioptata the eosinophilic infiltration of own plate and the centers of dystrophy of fibers are noted.
Occasionally deeper eosinophilic infiltrates cause a thickening of a wall of a gut and form granulomas. The illness is characterized by the chronic progressing current against which sporadic heavy aggravations are possible. Some patients are helped by an exception of food of certain products, but systematic reception of corticosteroids for suppression of activity of process in most cases is required.

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