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Hips paralytic dislocation

Hips paralytic dislocation (luxatio femoris paralitica) — the pathological dislocation caused by paralysis of one group of muscles of an extremity, giving overweight to group of antagonistic muscles. It is more often observed at sluggish paralyzes and a myopathy, is more rare at spastic paralyzes.
Probably deformation of the joint end of a hip and a joint hollow, and also disturbance of balance of the muscles holding a hip head in a hollow are the reasons of dislocation of a hip.
Conservative methods of treatment of effect do not give. From surgical interventions are widely applied a method of fixing of a head of a femur on a round sheaf with simultaneous reconstruction of a roof of an acetabular hollow across Zatsepin and a method of usual open reposition of dislocation with deepening of a hollow, elimination of an antetorsiya (a derotatsionny osteotomy of a femur).
Zatsepin's operation: a section on Vredena median and small gluteuses after their cutting off from a crest of an ileal bone are displaced by knaruzh and kzad. Allocate a capsule of a hip joint, define the most stretched its place. The capsule is widely dissected in the cross direction, and the head is removed in a wound. The round sheaf is cut from a hip head, extend it by means of silk threads with a stranglehold of average thickness. Then by means of a drill drill the channel in a head from the outer side from a big spit so that the end of a drill left to the place of an attachment of a round sheaf. The internal opening of the channel is expanded and by means of a probe with an ear the silk thread and a sheaf is carried out through a head from within a knaruzha. After reposition of a head in an acetabular hollow from the outer side from a big spit silk threads fix. E. K. Nikiforova (1980) considers necessary at the same time to make reconstruction of a roof of an acetabular hollow by means of formation of a bone canopy and bringing down of a big spit according to Waugh-Lamy for increase of a tone of average and small gluteuses.

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