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Intestines atony

When weakening a vermicular movement of intestines (an intestines atony — loss of a tone of his muscles) there are locks: or because of spasms of muscles of intestines, or because of sharp weakening of muscles.

At an atony of intestines broths of dry herbs (the Alexandria leaf, a buckthorn, a rhubarb, cowberries) having laxative effect curdled milk, kefir, a melon, cucumbers (salty and fresh), cowberry (soaked, fresh and tinned), a rhubarb (fresh, in salad and broth), prunes (dried and broth), plums, apricots, peaches, unboiled or boiled water are useful (on an empty stomach 1 glass). Vinaigrettes, salads, boiled and stewed meat, fish, millet cereal, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins in own juice are recommended. It is forbidden to eat the products and berries operating zakreplyayushche: a bird cherry, a sloe, a barberry, bilberry (crude and dried), pears, smoked sausages, the hard-boiled eggs. Mineral waters accept according to the recommendation of the doctor. It is also important to eat food and to accustom to be emptied intestines in the same hours and to go in for physiotherapy exercises.

How to prepare products for dietary food? curdled milk is cooked so: milk is spilled in glasses or cups and from above put a piece of black rye bread so that it closed ware, and leave for some time. It is necessary to eat all — both bread and curdled milk — in the morning on an empty stomach (it is possible for the night or in the afternoon during an afternoon snack).

Cowberry is touched, washed in a colander under the crane and then washed out boiled cold water. Stack berries in glass jars, fill in with boiled water and pick a tissue or a polyethylene cover — soaked cowberry which is stored in the cool place turns out. Use on 1 tablespoon for an hour to food, in the morning on an empty stomach or for the night.

The cowberry sweetened: the touched, well washed out berries stack in glass jars, fill in with cold sugar syrup (it is possible on fruit sugar or sakharozamenitel). Whether store on the lower shelf of the refrigerator in a cellar. Use as well as cowberry without sugar.

Cowberry boiled: 2 glasses of cowberry, 2 glasses of the peeled apples (is desirable antonovsky or grades cinnamon) grated on a large grater with the cut-out middle, 2 glasses cleared (without skin and stones) plums and dynes cook a glass of granulated sugar 50 — 60 min. on weak fire (will burn differently and too to be sprayed) when everything cooks, to pour on a bottom of the enameled or glass pan of a little welded weight and to lay there cleared apples, fresh without serdtsevinok, that did not concern each other. To fill in with a layer of the welded weight, then to put also pinned plums with a stone and again to fill in with the welded weight. To leave everything, without closing a cover. In a day weight is punctured that there were vials of air, cover ware with a paper cover tie. The dish is ready to the use through 2 — month. To store in a case. Apply as a purgative. Prunes preparation: 1 glass of dry prunes is carefully washed with cold water, then is hotter, put in a thermos or the ware with a skintight cover is filled in with three glasses of boiled water, the thermos is densely closed, and ware wrap many times the put newspaper and put for the night under a pillow or under a warm blanket. In the morning open and display in 4 glasses.

At long-term chronic locks it is recommended, having woken up in the morning, not rising, to drink a glass of boiled water (it is poured since evening and close a glass a sheet of paper, in a night in water the microflora promoting improvement of a vermicular movement of intestines is formed). Then it is necessary to rise, descend in a toilet and in 15 — 20 min. to eat 150 — 200 g of crude apples with skin, but without core, to drink curdled milks or to eat a glass prepared as it is stated above prunes. Then have breakfast as usual, and in 3 — 4 h drink a glass of curdled milk or 1 tablespoon of sunflower (olive) oil or eat a glass of prunes and the second time have breakfast. Approximately in 14 h it is necessary to eat vinaigrette or to drink a spoon of vegetable oil and to have dinner right there. In 17 h — a glass of curdled milk or prunes, through an hour and a half — vinaigrette or a spoon of vegetable oil or a glass of curdled milk or prunes, then a dinner. For the night before going to bed — a glass of curdled milk or prunes. In 1 — 2 month locks are liquidated.

Also physical exercises for strengthening of muscles of a prelum abdominale and a pelvic bottom and special exercises in a sitting position on a toilet bowl are recommended:

Complex of special exercises at locks 

1. Having put a scarf or a pure soft tissue on a nose, to make a long exhalation through a nose, at the same time opening an anus, especially if fecal masses approached, but cannot leave. To repeat 4 — 6 times.
2. To deeply promassirovat stomach muscles from the right inguinal fold up, above a navel and to fall down to the left groin (receptions stroking squeezing). To repeat 6 — 10 times.
3. To repeat exercise 1.
4. To Promassirovat the lower part of a stomach, having taken both hands a fatty layer on the right and at the left and moving it from below up (the right hand down, left up and vice versa). To repeat 6 — 10 times. Also to promassirovat upper part of a stomach — above a navel.
5. To repeat exercise 1.
6. To repeat exercise 2.
7. To involve and weaken an anus. To repeat 6 — 10 times.
8. To repeat exercise 1.
9. To blow nose abruptly in a napkin 3 — 4 times. To repeat 2 — 4 times.

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