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In more detail about atherosclerosis
Clinical displays of atherosclerosis of various arteries
Datas of laboratory and researches
About risk factors of development of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis — the most widespread chronic disease of cardiovascular system characteristic of defeat of walls of arteries that leads to vasoconstriction. Development of atherosclerosis involves the coronary heart disease, myocardial infarctions, brain vasoconstriction, strokes, a sclerosis of kidneys and a renal failure, development of severe forms of diabetes, a peripheral endarteritis passing into gangrene of extremities, and other diseases.
The disease can develop since the childhood - in arteries fatty layers appear, then - thick fatty plaques. At the same time illness symptoms usually are not felt. Such state remains until arteries are not corked more than for 85%. Further cholesteric plaques can block the arteries delivering blood in vitals.

Atherosclerosis is a disease at which there is a cholesterol adjournment leading to narrowing of a gleam of arteries. As a result blood supply in those parts of an organism where there are these arteries worsens. Disbolism at which in blood the content of cholesterol and other lipids increases can be the cause of atherosclerosis. They together with salts of calcium settle on an internal cover of a vessel, and connecting fabric expands there. It lowers elasticity of vascular walls, they become dense and rough that conducts to their gaps - hemorrhages, especially at an idiopathic hypertensia. At disturbances of coagulability of blood, a roughness of an internal cover of arteries and formation of plaques on walls of vessels there is blood clot which does a vessel impassable. Fibrinferments develop: myocardial infarction, hemorrhage in a brain, gangrene of the lower extremities and other diseases they will badly respond to treatment therefore it is easier to warn them — to begin occupations with medical physical culture at very first displays of atherosclerosis or even earlier (since 40 — 45).

Medical exercises at atherosclerosis

Special exercises normalize a metabolism in an organism (lower the level of cholesterol and lipids in blood), reduce weight, improve work of a respiratory organs and blood circulation, positively influence activity of nervous and endocrine systems, bodies of a digestive tract (liquidate developments of stagnation in a liver, bilious, a bubble and locks) and allocation — kidneys, ureters, a bladder, interferes with development of urolithic and cholelithic diseases. Systematic occupations, physiotherapy exercises at atherosclerosis develop collateral (district) circulation and improve blood supply in that area or body which food is broken because of defeat of vessels. 

Except individually picked up complexes of physical exercises long daily pedestrian walks (for example, to pass page of work on foot at least part of a way), swimming 2 — 3 times a week, walking on skis, rowing, daily jogging, sports (volleyball, tennis, etc.) under control of the doctor which will also help to define loading are recommended. It is desirable to keep the diary of self-checking, every day to write down pulse indications before occupations, and also it is necessary to implement time for which pulse returns to norm after loading this recommendation not only at atherosclerosis, but also at all other cardiovascular diseases).

At atherosclerosis include the all-developing, breathing exercises and exercises for small muscular groups of hands and legs in a complex of physiotherapy exercises. Number of repetitions of the all-developing exercises and exercises for small muscular groups 6 — 10 times, and respiratory — 3 times, alternating them through each all-developing exercise or through exercises for small muscular groups. It is necessary to carry out all complex 3 times a day, adding to it daily jogging, pedestrian walk, swimming or sports.

Risk factors of atherosclerosis.

Risk factors

Elimination of risk factors

High level of cholesterol.

To limit:
• Meat (no more than 1 time a week).
• Eggs (no more than 1 — 2 piece a week).
• Sugar (to replace with honey, dried fruits).
• Cheese (use only of low-fat grades).
The products containing the oxidized cholesterol are especially dangerous:
• Stale animal fats.
• The fats which passed deep thermal
processing (suppression, frying etc.). Follows the persons having tendency to atherosclerosis
to prepare products on water, and to add vegetable oil to a ready dish.
• Canned food, sausages; firm cheeses, egg powder.

High arterial pressure.

See. "Idiopathic hypertensia".


Refusal of smoking.

Low physical activity.

Jogging, walking on skis, swimming etc. — not less than 2 — 3 weekly for 30 — 40 min.

Excess body weight.

See. "Normalization of body weight".

Excessive use of greasy food.

Products which use should be excluded:
• Fat beef, mutton, pork.
• Fat grades of a bird (goose, duck).
• Smoked sausages, gammons, pastes, brisket, breast cut.
• Animal fats, butter, nutryany fat, firm margarine.
• Whole milk, sour cream, fermented baked milk.
• Fat grades of cheese.
• Ice cream, puddings, fat creams.
• Cakes, biscuits, rich pastries.
• Chocolate, cocoa, chocolate drinks.
• Any chips, any fried and salty nutlets.
• Mayonnaise, and also sauces which compounding sour cream enters.


Elimination of a mental overstrain

Six and more pregnancies.

To consult with the doctor in case of a large number of pregnancies.

Low level of male sex hormone of testosterone in an organism.

Aerobic loading supports the high level of male sex hormone of testosterone in an organism (low level of this hormone promotes obstruction of arteries).


Precursory symptoms of atherosclerosis. The general damage of all arteries at atherosclerosis meets extremely seldom. Defeat of vessels of a brain, heart, kidneys, legs is usually observed. In case of the signs provided below it is necessary to see a doctor.
Initial symptoms at a brain angiosclerosis:
Memory easing.
Decrease in intellectual working capacity.
Tearfulness. Feeling of weight and noise in the head, dizziness.
Initial symptoms at an angiosclerosis, feeding a heart muscle:
Gripping pains in heart or behind a breast, giving to the left hand, a shovel or the left half of a neck.
Initial symptoms at an arteriosclerosis of legs:
Weakness in legs.
Pains and spasms in gastrocnemius muscles.
Gait disturbance.

The prevention of a disease and the help at treatment of atherosclerosis

Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis requires change of habits which developed during all human life. And if the illness progresses, then it can be stopped or turned back (atherosclerosis is reversible at certain stages of development).

Food. The use of the following products reducing cholesterol level is desirable: Cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, green peas, onions, vegetable marrows.

Honey (50 g a day; this dose needs to be distributed on small portions and to accept so within 1-2 months).
Beet (but not beet sugar!).
Corn and oat bran.
Apples (2-3 apples a day reduce cholesterol level in blood by 10% and more).
Carrots (the regular use of carrots helps to reduce cholesterol level by 20%).
The fat-free fermented milk products - kefir, curdled milk, fermented baked milk or acidophilus milk (to 3 glasses a day together with fresh vegetable oil).
Haricot, peas, soy.
Vegetable oils - olive, sunflower, soy or corn (1-2 tablespoons pass).
Red natural wine without sugar (no more than 200 g a day).
Grape juice. Beer (0,5 l a day).
Fish oil and fish, especially such breeds as a salmon, a mackerel, a herring and a tuna (no more than 2 Zrazas a week).
Walnuts (4-5 pieces a day).
Green tea (for prevention - 200 g, for treatment - 4-5 cups during the day, between meals).
The lemon juice containing a large amount of potassium, Rutinum, ascorbic acid.

Technique of rehabilitation of atherosclerosis by means of walking at small pain in heart. It is the best of all to begin treatment of atherosclerosis by means of an exercise stress with walking.
After an exacerbation of atherosclerosis (a heart attack, a stroke) of class in this program it is possible to begin not earlier than in 2 months after an attack under supervision of the doctor and at total absence of pain.
With a second hand it is necessary to define time from the beginning of walking until emergence of unpleasant symptoms by a stop watch or hours, and also the heart rate (HR) for 6 pages. It is important to watch that ChSS did not exceed 10 blows, for 6 pages.
In 1-2 weeks at the same ChSS in most cases unpleasant symptoms are not felt any more. Having trained week with initial loading, it is necessary to increase walking time for 1-2 min. If again there is pain, then the added time needs to be reduced to prevent its emergence. Thus, adding every week for 1-2 min., it is possible to approach the program recommended by K. Cooper. In certain cases, if training time is measured seconds, this period can proceed about a year.
At the pain arising on the 1-2nd min. walking, it is temporary to reduce duration of occupations on 20-30 with, without waiting for emergence of pain.

• At the pain arising after the 3rd and more min. walking, it is temporary to reduce duration of occupations for 1 — 2 min., without waiting for emergence of pain.
• In the absence of adaptation of an organism pain within 2 — 3 weeks "is not removed" and begins to arise even earlier. In this case treatment by walking needs to be stopped!
• This way of treatment is more individual, than tough programs. It was repaid also at rehabilitation after a myocardial infarction by means of run 10 — 12 months later after an attack. In this case distance pieces at very slow run (ChSS no more than 11 blows for 6 c) have to be shorter, for one occupation it is necessary to run several pieces, in breaks between run to carry out walking on average speed (as rest).

Phytotherapy and folk remedies (to choose one of means).

• A dessertspoon of flowers of a buckwheat to make 0,5 l of boiled water, to draw 2 h in the closed vessel, to filter. To take 0,5 glasses 3 — 4 times a day for 1 h to food.
• To put 300 g of the washed-up and peeled garlic in a bottle with a capacity of 0,5 l and to fill in spirkty. To insist within 3 weeks and to accept daily on 20 drops on 0,5 glasses of milk.

• To make 1 tablespoon of leaves of a birch drooping a glass of boiled water, to insist, filter. To accept 0,3 glasses 3 times a day in 30 min. prior to food. To make 1 teaspoon of leaves of a nettle gonochoristic a glass of boiled water, to insist, filter. To accept 0,25 glasses 4 times a day in 30 min. prior to food. To place 2 tablespoons of hips in a thermos, to make a glass of boiled water, to draw 10 h. To accept 0,5 glasses 2-3 times a day to food. To make 1 tablespoon of the dry crushed leaves of a plantain a glass of boiled water, to insist 10 min. To drink during 1 h small drinks (daily dose). At stenocardia, ischemia. To rub 1 teaspoon of fresh horse-radish and to add honey, the total amount of horse-radish and honey should not exceed 1 tablespoon. To eat this mix on an empty stomach for 1 h till a breakfast. The term of treatment is no more than 30 days. To take 1 l of honey, 10 lemons, 5 heads of garlic. From lemons to wring out juice, garlic to clear, wash out and grate (it is possible to pass via the meat grinder). To mix everything, to close a cover and to put to the cool place for a week. To accept on the 4th teaspoons (with an interval of 1 min.) once a day. Contraindications: stomach ulcer, hyperoxemia of a gastric juice.

Medical foods at atherosclerosis

"Arrhythmia   Bezbolevy ischemia of a myocardium"