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Physiotherapy exercises at arthritis

Symptoms of a disease. Arthritis — an inflammatory disease of joints at which are surprised a synovial membrane, an articulate cartilage etc. At a disease of joints — arthritises — one joint (monoarthritis) or several (polyarthritis) is surprised. The reasons of injury of joints are various. There are arthritises rheumatic, infectious, dystrophic, etc. But irrespective of the reasons the swelling of joints, pain is always noted, especially at the movement, reddening and temperature increase of skin in the field of an inflammation, accumulation of liquid in joint cavities, puffiness of circumarticular fabrics and restriction of movements in joints.
At the chronic course of a disease there is osteoporosis of bones, joint cracks are sharply narrowed; at most of patients bone growths are formed — joints are thickened and deformed, the movements or are absent because of an union of joint surfaces — an anchylosis, or are sharply limited, there comes the muscular atrophy. At arthritis can be observed morbidity, the swelling, movement restriction, reddening and temperature increase of an integument in a joint, one of joints painfully reacts to pressing or strongly swelled. If similar signs are noted, it is necessary to see a doctor, the delay in treatment can lead to chronic arthritis.

Risk factors of arthritis. Infections, various injuries. Disbolism.

Prevention of arthritis. Timely and correct treatment. Increase of immunity of an organism. To implement recommendations about the prevention of disbolism.

Treatment of arthritis folk remedies.
• To put the crude tuber of crude potatoes to skin about a sore point. As soon as potatoes harden or, on the contrary, will become very soft, it should be replaced new.
• To fill in 2 teaspoons of leaves of cowberry with 1 glass of water, to boil 15 min. Broth to cool, filter and drink small drinks daily before therapeutic effect.
• To draw birch kidneys on vodka or on alcohol. To drink 40 drops a day and to pound tincture a sore point.
• Pharmaceutical to fill in 10 g of dry flowers of a camomile with 1 glass of boiled water, to insist 30 min. To accept on 1 tablespoon 3 — 4 times a day. The same infusion can be applied outwardly.

Food at arthritis.
• To exclude the products which underwent refinement processes from a diet: oils and fats, products from white flour, polished rice, and also boiled potatoes, tomatoes, pepper.
• To drink potato broth and to eat every day one crude potato with a peel, small polished.

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