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Arrhythmia — disturbance of frequency or sequence of cordial reductions.

Risk factors of arrhythmia. Physical or mental fatigue. Stresses. Smoking. Alcohol abuse. Excessive use of caffeine. Heart troubles.

Precursory symptoms of arrhythmia. Interruptions, sinking heart, sharp chaotic heartbeat.

The prevention of a disease and the help at treatment of arrhythmias

Short-term starvation. 24 — 36 h once a week within 5 — 6 weeks. In the rest of the time the diet should be saturated with the products provided below.

Food. To increase the use of the crude products rich with the calcium, vitamins and microelements normalizing a cordial rhythm.
Tops of vegetable of vegetables, especially young turnip and haricot.
Sheet cabbage, garden radish, carrots, beet, vegetable marrows.
Milk and dairy products except for oil.
Oranges, apples, apricots, dried apricots, dried apricots, peaches, sweet cherry, cherry, cranberry, cowberry, mint, celery and other greens.
Sea products.
The garlic, apple cider vinegar (which is contained in it potassium feeds a cardiac muscle).
Honey (several teaspoons in day), it is preferable - dark brown or dark yellow buckwheat.

Folk remedies (to choose one of means).

• For the night to fill in a raisin handful with 1 glass of boiled water to put in a headboard. In the morning, without getting up,
to eat all berries and to drink water. It is possible to eat on 1 tablespoon of paste: to take in equal proportions 1 kg of raisin, dried apricots, prunes without stones, a fig and a dogrose, to fill in for the night with cold water level with berries, and to turn via the meat grinder in the morning. To store in the refrigerator.
• Daily within several months to drink 1-2 tablespoons of mix of juice of beet, carrots and a radish or beet, potatoes, carrots and cabbage (in equal shares).

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