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Ankilostomidoza are helminthoses, eurysynusic in tropical countries with an unsatisfactory sanitary and hygienic state.

The person catches at contact with the soil and vegetation on which there are mature larvae of helminths. Larvae get through skin, causing at the same time an itch, and in 5 weeks note gastrointestinal frustration, pains in an anticardium, dizziness, decrease in body weight and anemia. Infection can occur also at the use in food of dirty vegetables and unboiled water. The disease is harmless and is successfully treated. After homecoming it is recommended to be inspected on ankilostomidoza.

Measures of personal prevention of ankilostomidoz: carrying footwear and long trousers, use of a laying when lying (sitting) on the earth, the use in food only the vegetables which are washed out with soap and poured by boiled water. Children cannot allow to play in sand, in the yards and kitchen gardens contaminated by excrements. Also periodic laboratory researches of excrements have preventive value.

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