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American trypanosomiasis

The American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease) is widespread in the countries of the Central and South America. The disease is transmitted by triatomovy bugs from the sick person or the infected wildings (battleships, opossums, forest rats, monkeys, etc.). The visitors living, as a rule, in well-planned housing in the cities get sick extremely seldom.

Trypanosome — the causative agent of the American trypanosomiasis

2 — 3 weeks later skin on site of a sting the infected bug inflames like a furuncle, body temperature increases, there are hypostases, lymph nodes, a liver and a spleen increase. Upon transition of an acute form of an illness to chronic intestines and heart are surprised.

Battleship — the reservoir of trypanosomes — causative agents of the American trypanosomiasis

For prevention of a disease it is necessary to avoid contact with triatomovy bugs in the trypanosomiasis center. Reliable protection against the American trypanosomiasis is provided by accommodation in civilized housing. In rural areas in the dwelling it is necessary to close up cracks in walls, to process the house and the adjacent territory insecticides. Use of bed curtains during a dream in the centers of an illness is obligatory.

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