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Akneformny dermatosis

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Akneformny dermatosis
Treatment of an aknemorfny dermatosis

Akneformny dermatosis — group of the diseases which are characterized by existence of the rashes similar to rashes at an acne illness however having other etiological and pathogenetic mechanisms in a basis.


Medicamentous acnes:
— alogenovy (bromayena, chloracne, iodacne);
— corticosteroid;
— androgenovy;
— the acnes caused by use of medicines for treatment of diseases of a thyroid gland;
— the doping acnes (caused by use of anabolic medicines and vitamins of group B);
— the acnes caused by use of tsitostatik, immunotropny, anticonvulsant, antitubercular medicines, etc.
Majorca acne.
Pitirosporalny folliculitis.
Varioliformny acnes.

Etiology and pathogeny

Etiology of medicamentous acnes (see. "Classification"). As the reason of development of Majorca acne serves the excessive maintenance of fat bases in the used photoprotective equipment, and also influence of Ural federal district. The Pitirosporalny folliculitis is caused by mushrooms of the sort Pityrosporum ovale. An acne varioliformny (acne necrotica, an acne ospennovidny) — a rare chronic recurrent disease of not clear etiology.

Clinical signs and symptoms

The general for akneformny dermatitis are the following clinical signs:
• the sudden beginning within several days;
• often widespread nature of rashes;
• atypical localization;
• age, unusual to an acne illness;
• existence of monomorphic rashes (papules or papulopustules) which are at one stage of development.

Medicamentous acnes are characterized by sudden emergence of the widespread monomorphic rashes which are localized mainly on skin of distal departments of extremities. The disease usually begins in the post-pubertal period. After cancellation of the HP which became the reason of emergence of rashes they spontaneously disappear.
Existence of homogeneous flat follicular papules which appear in the flying is characteristic of Majorca acne and regress in the winter.

Pruritic monomorphic papular rash with moderately expressed peeling is characteristic of a pitirosporalny folliculitis. Usual localization — a back and shoulders, is more rare a neck and a face. Differs from ordinary eels in absence of comedones.

Acnes varioliformny are clinically shown by existence of the follicular, vesicular and pustular, pruritic rashes which are located on pilar part of the head and in a border area on edge of growth of hair. After opening of pustules on their place form the erosion which is becoming covered by a hemorrhagic crust. Healing happens to formation of scars which gain varioliformny character.

The diagnosis and the recommended clinical trials

The diagnosis is made on the basis of a characteristic clinical picture and results of laboratory researches.

Obligatory laboratory researches:
• biochemical analysis of blood (general bilirubin and its fractions, triglycerides, ALT, nuclear heating plant, cholesterol, alkaline phosphobasin, creatinine, glucose).

Additional laboratory researches:

• research of the hormonal status at women in the presence of clinical signs of a giperandrogenemiya (FSG, LG, free fraction of testosterone, etc.);
allocation and identification of microbic flora of skin with determination of its sensitivity to antibiotics; bacteriological research calla; general blood test; KSR.

Differential diagnosis

Inflammatory forms of an akneformny dermatosis need to be differentiated with an acne illness, perioral dermatitis, pink eels (acne rosacea). In the presence of rashes on a body differential diagnosis is carried out with a papular syphilide.

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