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The acanthosis is black

Acanthosis black (skin dystrophy pigmental and papillary). Allocate high-quality and malignant forms of a disease. At a high-quality (youthful) form — a genodermatosis — skin manifestations arise at children's age, are often combined with dysfunction endocrine (a diabetes mellitus, a hypogenitalism, obesity) and nervous (mental inferiority etc.) systems, anomalies of development. The malignant form is observed usually at adults, is often paraneoplastic process accompanying malignant tumors of internals. At corpulent persons, especially with pathology of endocrine system, manifestations, clinically similar to a black acanthosis — in the large folds of skin, places subject to friction and the irritating influences (Pseudoacanthosis nigricans) can be observed.

Patients with symptoms of a black acanthosis (warty and papillary growths of brownish-black color in the field of axillary poles, inguinal folds, crotches, necks) are subject to repeated profound oncological inspection as skin defeats can be early manifestations of a malignant new growth. The oncotomy often leads to disappearance of a disease, however it can arise again at recurrence and metastasises of a new growth. Appoint fortifying means — iron preparations, at a dose decline there comes heavy recurrence. However long reception them can exert an adverse effect on a copper exchange.

At dysbacteriosis use biological drugs — prick-bakterin, bifikol, bifidumbacterium, lactobacillin. Gamma-globulin, the stimulating and fortifying means are shown. At secondary complications by pyococci, mushrooms of the sort Candida (decrease in immunity) apply antibiotics, anticandidosis drugs, periodically appoint Dekaminum caramel. Ascorbic acid, Riboflavinum, a pyridoxine and other vitamins are shown. Children till 1 year need to be raised breast milk.

Dispensary observation is necessary. Patients need in constant, sometimes all life, reception of maintenance doses of drugs of zinc. By the period of puberty of display of a disease can be softened or even completely to disappear. Without timely begun treatment the disease progresses, mucous membranes, nails are surprised, hair drop out, up to a total alopecia; the general state, mentality are considerably broken; complications join, patients quite often die.


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